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The HLG-MOS oversee and manage:

(blue star) Collaboration groups: Standards, Capabilities and CommunicationBlue Skies and Machine Learning Community

(blue star) Modernisation Projects 2021: Synthetic Data and Input Privacy-Preservation

(blue star) Specialised topics: Dissemination and CommunicationData CollectionStatistical Data Editing and Statistical Confidentiality

(blue star) Modernisation Expert group meetings, workshops and seminars

(info) What is the HLG-MOS                   (info) HLG-MOS Outputs             (info) Modernstats Updates

Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) describes the core business processes undertaken by statistical organisations to produce statistical outputs. It is used by more than 50 organisations world wide. Read more here

Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) describes the core pieces of information needed by statistical organisations to produce statistical outputs. Read more here

Common Statistical Data Architecture (CSDA) is reference architecture and guidance for the modernisation of their processes and systems. Read more here


Strategic Communication Framework is a guide for Statistical Organisations to the development and implementation of a communication strategy. Read more here

Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organisations (GAMSO) extends and complements the GSBPM by describing overarching activities and processes to support the production of official statistical production. Read more here


Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) helps statistical organisation create interoperable tools to share within and between statistical organisations. Read more here

Generic Statistical Data Editing Model (GSDEM) is intended as a reference for all official statisticians whose activities include data editing. Read more here


Machine Learning for Official Statistics the 2019-2020 project continued as a collaboration community in 2021. Read more here

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Blog on Recent highlights and updates

There were not only more participants in workshops (as these were moved from in-person to online) but also groups and projects saw and increase in participants. We thank all of you for joining the ModernStats community and hope to see you all back in 2021!

2020 involvement in HLG-MOS Activities:

2019 involvement in HLG-MOS Activities:

HLG-MOS promotional video

That's Where We Come In: the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Offiical Statistics (HLG-MOS).

HLG-MOS 2020 video 360p.mp4 | Download HD version by clicking here | Click here to Watch in Vimeo

Statistics Canada has kindly produced an excellent video showcasing the importance of the HLG-MOS for Official statistics in the UNECE region and beyond. In a nutshell, it explains the role of the HLG-MOS and the range of groups, projects and activities taking place on this collaboration platform to move our statistical community into the future. 

What is the role of Statistical Agencies in data driven societies? How do we adapt to a dynamic and ever changing environment? In a world moving faster than ever, citizens need timely, relevant and quality information from a source they can trust without being overburdened. That's where we come in. We are the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. Guided by the Conference of European Statisticians, we are a network for leaders of statistical agencies; a place to collaborate on the global modernisation agenda. We originate from the UNECE. That is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe which represents Europe, North-America and parts of Asia. But our work is shared with all. Our groups are open to all and our network is global. Statistical agencies are facing new challenges: a rapid evolving environment, new channels, increasing costs and difficulty of acquiring data, competition for skilled resources, changing expectations of citizens visa viz data, need for new standards for the management of digital information, new ethical questions. These problems might be too big for a single organisation to handle on its own. That's where we come in. Collaboration is key. We coordinate global efforts to modernise statistics by providing experts with the venue to develop strategies and solutions. Our mission is to work collaborative to identify trends, risk and opportunities as well as to provide a common platform to develop solutions.

Stuck in the Past? I don't think so. Together we are moving the Statistical Community into the Future. You can count on it!

Top year for HLG-MOS

2019 Saw again an increase in participation in the work organized under the HLG-MOS. The ModernStats Community for statistical modernisation grew again in its ninth year of existence to new heights. Over 750 colleagues participated in its activities and the various groups and projects had over 150 members. Results and plans will be presented at the HLG MOS Workshop on the Modernisation of Official Statistics, Geneva, 18-20 November 2019

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