How far is your organisation on the road to modernisation?

Modernising statistical production is a key priority for all statistical organisations. The High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) has set out a vision, and developed a range of models and standards to help to achieve it.

So how does a statistical organisation get started, or make further progress with modernisation through ModernStats Models (e.g., GAMSOGSBPMGSIMCSPA)? The first step is to know the starting point. The Modernisation Maturity Model has been developed as a self-assessment tool for this purpose. It can be used to assess organisational maturity against different criteria and dimensions.

The next step is to understand how to progress to higher levels of maturity. The Roadmap provides a set of tools to help with this. We also plan to add information about experiences of organisations that have already made progress, highlighting what worked for them, and what didn't.

Browse this wiki to see a more detailed introduction to the MMM and its Roadmap, or browse the  supporting tools and materials.

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