Supporting Standards

The goal of the group is to find ways how to develop, enhance, integrate, promote, support and facilitate implementation of the range of standards needed for statistical modernisation. It has operational responsibility for the maintenance and development of the Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO), Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM), the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM), the Common Statistical Data Architecture (CSDA)  and the documentation of the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA).

Task teams in 2023:

  • GSBPM / GAMSO revision
  • GSIM revision
  • Core Ontology for Official Statistics (phase2)

For more information please contact: Inkyung Choi

MemberCountry / Organisation
Zoltán Vereczkei - ChairHungary
Anna DlugoszPoland
Cory ChobanikCanada
David BarracloughOECD
Essi KaukonenFinland
Flavio RizzoloCanada / DDI
Florian VuckoFrance
Dan GillmanUnited States
Edgardo GreisingILO
Juan MuñozMexico
Kevin McCormackIreland
Franck CottonFrance
Martina Hahn Eurostat
Mauro BrunoItaly
Omurbek IbraevKyrgyzstan
Waleed MohamedEgypt
Matjaz JugNetherlands
Carlo VaccariItaly
José de Jesús Luján SalazarMexico
Juan Eduardo Rioja RomoMexico
Manuel Cuellar RioMexico
Andrea PetresHungary
Janusz DygaszewiczPoland
Federico Segui Uruguay 
Daniel Blanc Uruguay 
Helda MitreAlbania
InKyung Choi - SecretariatUNECE
Capabilities and Communication Group

The Modernisation Group on Capability and Communication focuses on the organisational changes and the communication challenges necessary to support modernization in statistical organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of strains on the HR and communication departments of NSOs. From the start, the group has been adjusting their work programme into assisting statistical offices to cope with the changing working arrangements and the need for more extensive internal and external communication. Past output can be found on the Human Resources and more space.

The main focus in 2023 is on the following activities:

  • Future of work

  • Ethics
  • Market Research, Digital Marketing & Communication strategies

For more information please contact: Tetyana Kolomiyets

Applying Data Science and Modern Methods

The Applying Data Science and Modern Methods Group was established in 2022. The group focuses on developing, implementing, promoting, supporting, and facilitating the implementation of data science and modern methods initiatives needed for statistical modernization of business processes. 

Task teams in 2023:

  • Understanding and Selecting Models
  • Accelerating the Implementation of ML-based Solution in Data Editing
  • International Framework on Responsible AI for Official Statistics

To join the team, please contact: Amilina Kipkeeva 

Blue Skies Thinking Network

The Blue Sky Thinking Network is the “ideas factory” for the statistical modernisation community. The Blue Skies Thinking Reports provide an environment scan on selected topics. These brief papers answer four key questions – what is the topic, what is the value for official statistics, what is already being done, what are the opportunities for further collaboration.

2024 topics:

  • Digital Twins
  • The Future of NSIs

For more information please contact: Andrew Tait 

ONS-UNECE Machine Learning Group (2021-2022)

The ML Group 2021 and ML Group 2022 were continuation of the international community built on the HLG-MOS Machine Learning Project (ML 2019/2020). It was led by ONS and UNECE. The main outputs from the groups include:


ML 2021

  • Work Stream 1 (WS1) - From Idea to Valid Solution

  • Work Stream 2 (WS2) - From Valid Solution to Production

  • Work Stream (WS3) - Ethical Consideration in the Use of ML for Research and Statistics

  • Work Stream 4 (WS4) - Model Retraining

  • Work Stream 5 (WS5) - Quality Framework for Statistical Algorithm

ML 2022

  • Theme Group - Web-scraped Data

  • Theme Group - Text classification
  • Theme Group - Image analysis
  • Theme Group - AIS data
  • Theme Group - Quality of Training Data 
  • Theme Group - Model Retraining
  • Theme Group - Infrastructure
Sharing Tools (2017-2020)

The Sharing Tools Group is part of the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) or ModernStats. It continues the work of the HLG CSPA implementation group and related activities from the MC Standards and the MC Production and Methods. Please find here the Terms of Reference for 2017. The main focus is on the following activies:

  • Digitizing CSPA Document
  • Promote Sharing of Services
  • Provide Practical Technical Assistance to CSPA implementers
  • Organisation of the ModernStats World Workshop (jointly with Supporting Standards Groups
  • Adding CSPA Services to the CSPA Catalogue

Task teams:

  • Digitising CSPA Document
  • Adding CSPA Services
  • Communicating CSPA
  • Cambodia - Kimhor Meng
  • Canada - Robert McLellan, Flavio Rizzolo
  • France - Franck Cotton, Romain Tailhurat
  • Italy - Marco Silipo, Carlo Vaccari, Mauro Bruno, Roberta Filippini, Tiziana Tuoto
  • Mexico - Juan Muñoz, Ricardo Olvera, silvia Fraustro
  • Netherlands - Matjaz Jug, Ronald Ossendrijver
  • New Zealand - Rosemary McGrath (chair)
  • Norway - Trygve Falch
  • Poland - Anna Dlugosz
  • Republic of Korea - Yulla Choi
  • Slovenia - Tomaž Speh, Blaž Božjak, Simon Pelicon
  • Sweden - Eva Holm, Jakob Engdahl, Hakim Sjöström, Henrik Lönnström
  • United Kingdom - Eric Deeben, Neville Demendonca , Samantha Elstone(ONS)
  • Eurostat - Pierre Peyronnel
  • UNECE - Taeke Gjaltema

For more information please contact: Taeke Gjaltema

Modernisation Committee on Products and Sources (2014-2016)

Modernisation Committee on Production and Methods (2014-2016)

Modernisation Committee on Standards (2014-2016) continued as Supporting Standards Group

Modernisation Commitee on Organisational Frameworks and Evaluation (2014-2016) continued as Capability and Communication Group

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