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Supporting Standards

The goal of the group is to find ways how to develop, enhance, integrate, promote, support and facilitate implementation of the range of standards needed for statistical modernisation. It has operational responsibility for the maintenance and development of the Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO), Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM), and the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM), and the documentation of the Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA).

More information in the Terms of reference

Task teams:

  • Linking GSBPM and GSIM
  • Geospatial view of GSBPM
  • GSIM 
  • Metadata Glossary - completed

For more information please contact: Inkyung Choi

Sharing Tools

The Sharing Tools Group is part of the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) or ModernStats. It continues the work of the HLG CSPA implementation group and related activities from the MC Standards and the MC Production and Methods. Please find here the Terms of Reference for 2017. The main focus is on the following activies:

  • Digitizing CSPA Document
  • Promote Sharing of Services
  • Provide Practical Technical Assistance to CSPA implementers
  • Organisation of the ModernStats World Workshop (jointly with Supporting Standards Groups
  • Adding CSPA Services to the CSPA Catalogue

Task teams:

  • Digitising CSPA Document
  • Adding CSPA Services
  • Communicating CSPA
  • Cambodia - Kimhor Meng
  • Canada - Robert McLellan, Flavio Rizzolo
  • France - Franck Cotton, Romain Tailhurat
  • Italy - Marco Silipo, Carlo Vaccari, Mauro Bruno, Roberta Filippini, Tiziana Tuoto
  • Mexico - Juan Muñoz, Ricardo Olvera, silvia Fraustro
  • Netherlands - Matjaz Jug, Ronald Ossendrijver
  • New Zealand - Rosemary McGrath (chair)
  • Norway - Trygve Falch
  • Poland - Anna Dlugosz
  • Republic of Korea - Yulla Choi
  • Slovenia - Tomaž Speh, Blaž Božjak, Simon Pelicon
  • Sweden - Eva Holm, Jakob Engdahl, Hakim Sjöström, Henrik Lönnström
  • United Kingdom - Eric Deeben, Neville Demendonca , Samantha Elstone(ONS)
  • Eurostat - Pierre Peyronnel
  • UNECE - Taeke Gjaltema

For more information please contact: Taeke Gjaltema

Capabilities and Communication Group

The Modernization Group on Capabilities and Communication is part of the High-Level Group for the Modernization of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) or ModernStats. It continues the work of the Modernization Group on Developing Organisational Capability. Please find here the Terms of Reference for 2017. The main focus is on the following activities:

  • Change Management

  • Organisational Frameworks for Collaboration
  • Building Competencies
  • Communicating Modernization

Task teams:

  • Risk Management in the context of agile development
  • Workshop on Human Resources Management and Training (2018)

  • Anna Borowska – Chair (Poland)
  • Marie Creedon, Eilish O'Sullivan  (Ireland)
  • Antonio Ottaiano, Fabrizio Rotundi, Angela Leonetti and Pietro Scalisi (Italy)
  • Tine Pestaj (Slovenia)
  • Andrew Mann, (Australia)
  • Alberto Valencia (Mexico)
  • Jelena Markovic (Montenegro)
  • Ashley Flaherty (UK)
  • Stacey Money (Canada)
  • Terry McCaul (New Zealand)
  • Martha Kevers (Netherlands)
  • Tetyana Kolomiyets, Taeke Gjaltema (UNECE Secretariat)

For more information please contact: Tetyana Kolomiyets

Blue Skies Thinking Network

The Blue Sky Thinking Network is the “ideas factory” for the statistical modernisation community. The Blue Skies Thinking Reports provide an environment scan on selected topics. These brief papers answer four key questions – what is the topic, what is the value for official statistics, what is already being done, what are the opportunities for further collaboration.


For more information please contact: Taeke Gjaltema

  • Ric Clarke (Australia)

  • Katryn Stevenson (Canada)

  • Marc-Philippe St-Amour (Canada)

  • Maiki Ilves (Estonia)

  • Sandor Horvath (Hungary)

  • Andrew O'Sullivan (Ireland)

  • Monica Scannapieco (Italy)

  • Juan Muñoz (Mexico)

  • Anders Holmberg (Norway)

  • Mira Nikic (Serbia)

  • Jean-Marc Museux (Eurostat)

  • Barteld Braaksma (BSTN manager) Netherlands

  • UNECE - Taeke Gjaltema

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