Most recent available training materials for GSIM v1.2 (2019)

Download flyer: GSIM etraining flyer 2019.pdf

Time (CET)SessionSpeakerPresentation slidesRecordingQ&A
10:00Introduction to GSIMJenny Linnerud (Statistics Norway)LinkLink

11:00GSIM Concept GroupCatrin Karling (Statistics Sweden) and Mikko Saloila (Statistics Finland)PPTXLinkLink
11:40GSIM Structure GroupCatrin Karling (Statistics Sweden) and Mauro Scanu (Istat, Italy)PPTXLinkLink

12:50Application of GSIM in Statistics NorwayJenny Linnerud (Statistics Norway)PPTXLinkLink
13:20Application of GSIM in Statistics CanadaFrancine Kalonji (Statistics Canada)PDFLink
13:40 Break

13:45GSIM Business Group

Essi Kaukonen (Statistics Finland) and Giorgia Simeoni (Istat, Italy)

14:05GSIM Exchange GroupJenny Linnerud (Statistics Norway)PPTXLink-

14:30Application of GSIM in Statistics SwedenPatrik Wahlgren (Statistics Sweden)PDFLink-
14:55Application of GSIM in IstatMauro Scanu and Giorgia Simeoni (Istat, ItalyPDFLink-

GSIM Documents

Following is a selection of resources about GSIM, if you are new to GSIM, we recommend to have a look at Communication Paper and Introduction Presentation first.

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