Good practices in statistical data editing

This page is a place for the community of people working in the fields of statistical data editing in national and international statistical institutes to share knowledge, experience, ideas and resources. The page is under development and will evolve according to the level of interest it generates and the amount of use made of the resources. If you would like to add a good practice example from your National Statistics Office or International Organization, please contact us.

Expert Meetings and Workshops

Information and documents of UNECE Workshops on Statistical Data Editing


Here you can find the Generic Statistical Data Editing Models (GSDEM 2.0) released in 2019

Here the The Common Metadata Framework (2009)

Statistical Data Editing

Volume 1 - Methods and Techniques (1) (UNECE, 1994)

Volume 2 - Methods and Techniques (2) (UNECE, 1997)

Volume 3 - Impact on Data Quality (UNECE, 2006)

Evaluating Efficiency of Statistical Data Editing: General Framework (UNECE, 2000) PDF

Glossary of Terms on Statistical Data Editing (UNECE)

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