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That's Where We Come In: the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Offiical Statistics (HLG-MOS).

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Statistics Canada has kindly produced an excellent video showcasing the importance of the HLG-MOS for Official statistics in the UNECE region and beyond. In a nutshell, it explains the role of the HLG-MOS and the range of groups, projects and activities taking place on this collaboration platform to move our statistical community into the future. 

What is the role of Statistical Agencies in data driven societies? How do we adapt to a dynamic and ever changing environment? In a world moving faster than ever, citizens need timely, relevant and quality information from a source they can trust without being overburdened. That's where we come in. We are the High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics. Guided by the Conference of European Statisticians, we are a network for leaders of statistical agencies; a place to collaborate on the global modernisation agenda. We originate from the UNECE. That is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe which represents Europe, North-America and parts of Asia. But our work is shared with all. Our groups are open to all and our network is global. Statistical agencies are facing new challenges: a rapid evolving environment, new channels, increasing costs and difficulty of acquiring data, competition for skilled resources, changing expectations of citizens visa viz data, need for new standards for the management of digital information, new ethical questions. These problems might be too big for a single organisation to handle on its own. That's where we come in. Collaboration is key. We coordinate global efforts to modernise statistics by providing experts with the venue to develop strategies and solutions. Our mission is to work collaborative to identify trends, risk and opportunities as well as to provide a common platform to develop solutions.

Stuck in the Past? I don't think so. Together we are moving the Statistical Community into the Future. You can count on it!

Top year for HLG-MOS

2019 Saw again an increase in participation in the work organized under the HLG-MOS. The ModernStats Community for statistical modernisation grew again in its ninth year of existence to new heights. Over 750 colleagues participated in its activities and the various groups and projects had over 150 members. Results and plans will be presented at the HLG MOS Workshop on the Modernisation of Official Statistics, Geneva, 18-20 November 2019

The 2019 Workshop on the Modernisation of Official Statistics will be held on 19-20 November 2019 in Geneva. The purpose of the workshop is to ensure that the work is community driven and that activities and initiatives are aligned with the implementation of the vision of the High Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS), avoiding duplication and maximising efficiency. The expected outputs are a set of agreed and prioritised implementation actions.

The target audience are statisticians with technical knowledge of modernisation of statistics combined with a broader understanding of the statistical process and its modernisation, including some knowledge about international developments in this area. Members of the following groups are invited: The Statistical Modernisation Community, the CES Bureau, the HLG‑MOS, the Executive Board, Modernisation Groups and task teams under the auspices of the HLG‑MOS. Other staff working in areas related to modernisation of official statistics or interested in the work of the HLG‑MOS are also welcome to participate.

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Workshop on Culture Evolution, Geneva, 11-13 September:

The purpose is to share knowledge and effectivepractices inhuman resources management relatedto the creation and maintenance of organisational culture that are ‘fit for purpose’. Importantly, this includes the associated change management challenges. The target audience of the workshop is mid to senior level staff members responsible for human resources management, training, risk management and other related areas in their respective organisations. Register here:

Statistical Data Collection Workshop 'New Sources and New Technologies', Geneva on 14-16 October 2019.

The objective of this workshop was to identify innovative ways and best practices in statistical data collection, and to provide a platform for practitioners to exchange experiences and foster collaboration in this area. In addition to the more traditional presentations, the agenda of the workshop included target-driven small group discussions to identify best practices and new opportunities. The target audience for the workshop includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for data collection activities and new data sources, across all statistical domains from Statistical Offices and other agencies from national and international statistical systems. Register here:

Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality 2019, hosted by Statistics Netherlands in The Hague, on 29-31 October. 

The main objectives of the meeting are to facilitate the exchange of experience and identify the best practices in dealing with technical issues related to statistical data confidentiality in statistical offices.The meeting is primarily intended for experts from national and international statistical offices as well as invited academics dealing with statistical disclosure limitation. Register here:


The latest version of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM 5.1) and the Generic Activity Model for Statisitical Organisations (GAMSO 1.2) were endorsed by the Conference of European Statisticians at their annual conference in June 2019. Both models were reviewed during 2018 and made up to date with the needs of Statistical Organisations. This work was carried out by a Task Team of specialist under the Modernisation Group on Supporting Standards working under the High-level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics and all CES countries were consulted twice in this process.

The changes made in the new version of GSBPM aim to make the model more applicable to new data sources and improve the clarity of the description. The most notable changes made to the model are the following:
• Descriptions of the phases and the sub-processes were updated to be less survey-centric. Activities related to working with non-statistical data providers were added where necessary.
• Descriptions were expanded to include tasks needed to use geospatial data, in recognition of the growing importance of integrating statistical data with geospatial data.
• Examples and descriptions were updated and expanded to improve clarity.
• The duplication between GSBPM (version 5.0) and GAMSO was resolved by removing corporate-level overarching processes from GSBPM as these are covered by GAMSO.

The review approach adopted for GAMSO was different than for GSBPM as the latest version of GAMSO was released only in 2017 and the usage of the model was still limited compared to GSBPM. The changes were minor and concerned some improvements of descriptions in GAMSO to maintain its alignment with GSBPM.

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The UNECE Workshop on Dissemination and Communication of Statistics was organized on 12-14 June in Gdanks, Poland. Over 80 experts in communication and dissemination from Statistical organisations, including from Central Banks, gathered to exchange their experiences, to share their lessons learned and to discuss the future of communication and dissemination of statistics. The quality of the presentations was high and the colleagues from Statistics Poland were an excellent host. Click here for more. #disscomm2019

The ModernStats World Workshop was held on 26-28 June in Geneva. This is the platform for learning about the ModernStats standards and recent developments as well as for getting input to the current work being done on the models. There were six interactive sessions where participants gathered in small groups to discuss progress. Additionally, there were voting rounds and quizzes as well as a soapbox presentations and a market place where participants could promote their products or to get others join their activities. Click here for more information. #ModernStatsWorld


ModernStats World Workshop

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