2011 Population and Housing Survey of Turkey is Underway



In Turkey, combined method to census-taking (by using population registers and by conducting register based large-scaled sampling survey) is being applied. According to the 2007-2011 Official Statistics Program of Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 2011 Population and Housing Census is being conducted.


After the establishment of Address Based Population Registration System (ABPRS), information on population size by localities and basic characteristics of population; age-sex structure, literacy and educational attainment, legal marital status, etc. is obtained from the registers and announced to the public with the news bulletin every year in January by TurkStat.


“2011 Population and Housing Survey (PHS)” is being conducted for the purpose of obtaining information on demographic, social and economic characteristics of population such as labor force, employment, fertility, mortality, international migration, reason for migration, disability, and information on building and housing characteristics, which are not available in the ABPRS and other administrative registers or not obtained from regular household surveys in provincial level.


The field application of 2011 Population and Housing Survey has been started on October 3, 2011. Reference date of the survey is October 2, 2011. The period of data collection is two months (October-November). Within the scope of survey, 2.4 million households in the country will be visited (approximately 13,5 % of the total households). Estimations will be made in province and district level (for each province, for each province centers, for each district centers which have over 20 thousands population, and for the total of villages belong to each district). Enumerators are collecting information by face to face interviewing with CAPI. Hand held devices (netbooks) are being used for data collection. Paper based questionnaires are also used, if it is necessary (especially in villages). Field application of the survey is organized in all (81) provinces by the Headquarter and the regional offices of TurkStat. Approximately 3.600 enumerators, 550 supervisors, and also responsible persons of regions, provinces and districts are charged in the survey. Complete enumeration is being realized in institutional places.


Field application of the survey is being realized in 2-stage:


  1. Controlling the addresses in the sample enumeration areas, (and controlling and updating the addresses of institutional places in the system)


  1. i) Checking the registered persons in ABPRS with the actual situation in the addresses in the sample enumeration areas by using household lists (checking the ABPRS registers in the institutional places is not being done)


ii) Visiting the all addresses (including conventional dwellings and other housing units that is not designed for human habitation, such as shelters, barns, tents, etc.) in the sample enumeration areas for checking whether a household lives or not in these addresses, and interviewing the households and filling the questionnaires, (complete enumeration of institutional places by face to face interviewing with paper based questionnaires)


Before the Survey:


  • In April-July, 2011, a study was implemented in order to control and update the addresses of the institutional places in the system by the regional offices.


  • Household questionnaire and questionnaire for institutional places of 2011 PHS were printed and transferred to the TurkStat Regional Offices with the other forms. According to the needs of regional offices, extra questionnaires and forms are being transferred.


  • After the study on the manual of the survey was completed, the manual was printed and transferred to the regional offices. On the other hand, preparatory studies for the trainings, which were handed out before the field application, were completed (training program, presentations, CDs, sample questionnaires and forms etc.).


  • A logo was designed for using in all survey instruments. A competition for the poster was organized. According to the result of the competition, one poster was chosen for the publicity campaign of the survey in April, 2011. The copies of poster were spread through the regional offices of TurkStat after finishing the printing of them. And a leaflet was designed.


  • In August, sample enumeration areas were selected.


  • Field application of 2011 PHS is organized by the TurkStat Regional Offices. In this context, a meeting on stages of the survey, field application, data entry stages and preparatory works was held with the managers of 26 regional offices in August 12, 2011.  


  • Studies related with the determining of the criteria of the staff that will be charged for the survey were done. Process of selecting and starting to the work of staff was realized by the regional offices.


  • “Study on Controlling the Addresses in the Sample Enumeration Areas” was realized in the first half of September for preventing the coverage error. Before this study, training to the trainers of regional offices was given in the Headquarter of TurkStat in August 22, 2011. Then, training of enumerators was realized in provinces in September 5-6, 2011.


  • Field application of 2011 PHS is being realized by using hand held devices (netbooks) and paper based questionnaires. In August, study on test the data entry program which was loaded to the netbooks was done by the Headquarter of TurkStat in the field (in Yenimahalle and Kızılcahamam districts of the province of Ankara). Data entry program was also tested by the regional offices in August and September.


  • In 2011 PHS, complete enumeration is being conducted in institutional places by using paper based questionnaires. Data entry of the questionnaires for institutional places is being realized by using web-based application. In August and September, study on software of the program was done.


  • Press announcement was prepared for publicity of the survey. In addition, a web-page was prepared in order to inform the public. Household letters were posted to the households before the field application.   


  • Before the field application, training to the personnel of regional offices who were charged as trainers was given in September 22-24, 2011. After the training, these trainers gave the training to the staff that will be charged in the region which is scope of authority of regional offices. Field application was started in October 3, 2011 by the regional offices after all preparatory works were completed.


For controlling the process of the field application, many reporting programs were developed. Follow-up works and analyses are being done at this moment. Preparatory studies on the quality check and control the field application is going on. Quality Check and Control Study will be realized in November (in approximately 5 % of the sample addresses-122 thousands households).










Reference date

October 2

Starting the field operation of 2011 Population and Housing Survey

October 3

Field application in the institutional places (by using paper based questionnaires)

October 3-16

Data entry process of questionnaires for institutional places

October 3-30

Data entry process of household questionnaires (paper based questionnaires)

October 3-November 30

Follow and control the process of the field application (by reporting programs)


Ending the field operation


November 30

Obtaining the population size from the system (ABPRS) referring to the date of October 2, 2011

November 30

Quality Check and Control Study



Analyses of the data


December 2011-October 2012

Announcement of the first results of the survey


October 2012