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These Excel files contain the revised* AAI results for the 28 European Union Member States for five points in time. They also include detailed calculations and weights for the overall AAI and the domain-specific scores.

  * Calculations were made based on the most recent data from EU SILC and LFS, and some minor changes may occur in comparison to previously published results.

AAI results for EU28

2020 AAI

2018 AAI

2016 AAI

2014 AAI

2012 AAI

2010 AAI

You can use the Excel files to:

 1. Check the data of your own country to understand its position in the different ranks.

 2. If your country is not in the list, you can impute data and see what are the AAI results for your country as compared to the 28 EU countries. You can also calculate AAI for a region or a city, provided you have suitable data. Please see the Guidelines for recommendations on how to calculate the index when data are scarce.

 3. Experiment with the current weights used in calculating AAI to see how the AAI results change.

 4. Create tables and graphs according to your specific needs.