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Context - Current GSIM Cardinality:


Classification Item:

Classification Item 1..* Level (Mandatory, Many)

  • Classification Item is grouped by Level
  • A Classification Item must have at least one Level


Classification Scheme:

Classification Scheme 1..* Classification Item (Mandatory, Many)

  • Classification Scheme contains Classifications Item
  • A Classification Scheme must have at least one Classification Item

Classification Scheme 0..* Level (Option, Many)

  • Classification Scheme has Level
  • A Classification Scheme does not have to have Level




If a Classification Item is required to have at least one Level and a Classification Scheme is required to have at least one Classification Item, then by inference a Classification Scheme will require at least one Level. This is contrary to the current GSIM definition of Classification Scheme.


Solution Options:


Option A: Classification Scheme has Mandatory Level

Change the definition of Classification Scheme such that it must contain at least one Level.

  • Classification Scheme 1..* Level (Mandatory, Many)


Option B: Classification Item has Optional Level

Change the definition of Classification Item such that it is optional to be grouped by a Level.

  • Classification Item 0..* Level (Optional, Many)


Option A is recommended for the following reasons:

  • It is generally accepted that a classification is hierarchical, even if it is a single level hierarchy.
  • It allows for a Classification Item to be linked to one level currently; and in the future if other levels are required they can be added without the necessity to create a new Classification Item which is linked to a Level.