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Comments or questions about the GSIM? Experiences to share?

GSIM is under review right now and final proposal for revised GSIM is expected in June, 2018. 

For the overview of the issues under discussion, see:

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Page: Issue #1: GSIM Communication v1.1 Figure 5 Page: Issue #2: GSIM Communication v1.1 Figure 3 Page: Issue #3: On the old figure and table "titles", data content of modern data cubes, and GSIM Page: Issue #4: Represented variable Page: Issue #5: Value domain Page: Issue #6: Identifiable Artefact & Adminstrative Details - Cardinality Page: Issue #7: Proposed definition for AGENT Page: Issue #8: Definitions of terms "Aggregate variant" vs "Re-grouping variant" Page: Issue #9: Process Method - definition Page: Issue #10: Attribute Component - explanatory text Page: Issue #11: Population - explanatory text Page: Issue #12: Statistical office in GSIM Glossary Page: Issue #13: Statistical Program in Glossary and GSBPM and GAMSO Page: Issue #14: Minor changes in Annex B Glossary Page: Issue #15: Referential Metadata Content Item & Referential Metadata Subject Item Page: Issue #16: Minor error in Process Output Specification Page: Issue #17: Minor error in Statement Page: Issue #18: Minor error in GSIM Specification 1_1 - Word Annex C UML Diagram for Data Set Page: Issue #19: Minor change to Node Set Gliffy Diagram Page: Issue #20: Error in GSIM Specification 1-1 C Designing Proceess Steps Page: Issue #21: Minor error GSIM Specification 1_1 Figure 11 Populations and Units Page: Issue #22: Missing Composite Aggregation for Code Item, Code List, Classification Item, Statistical Classification Page: Issue #23: Removal of non-nearest neighbours in Gliffy diagrams for individual information objects in clickable GSIM Page: Issue #24: Minor error in Figure 14 GSIM Specification 1.1 Page: Issue #25: Minor error in Specification v 1.1 Exchange Channel consumes Information Set Page: Issue #26: Minor error in Fig 24 in Specification v1.1 Page: Issue #27: Suggestion for GSIM v1.1 Annex B Glossary - Variable Page: Issue #28: GSIM Communication Paper - entities? Page: Issue #29: Minor error - GSIM Annex B - Statistical Program Design explanatory text Page: Issue #30: GSIM Communication v1.1 - Figure 6 Page: Issue #31: GSIM Communication v1.1 - Figure 5 Page: Issue #32: Add relationship between Statistical Program and Product Page: Issue #33: GSIM Annex B Glossary - Process Step & Process Step Instance Page: Issue #34: Minor - GSIM v1.1 Specification Paragraph 37 Page: Issue #35: GSIM Specification v1.1 Figure 5 Page: Issue #36: Error in Clickable GSIM - Data Point and Instance Variable Page: Issue #37: Add references to LIM Page: Issue #38: GSIM Specification v1.1 - Annex C UML Diagrams - Identifiable Artefact Page: Issue #39: Base Group Page: Issue #40: GSIM Annex B Glossary - Exchange Channel Page: Issue #41: Interviewer management Page: Issue #42: Minor inconsistency in GSIM Annex B Glossary - Information Consumer & Provider Page: Issue #43: Integration of LIM to date into GSIM Page: Issue #44: Mixed naming conventions for attributes Page: Issue #45: Making GSIM more accessible Page: Issue #46: add "Statistical Register" to "Administrative Register" Page: Issue #47: Node Set - Version and Agency attributes Page: Issue #48: Recommendations for Value Types of attributes Page: Issue #49: 8 new information objects? Page: Issue #50: Statistical Classifications and Code Lists Page: Issue #51: Unit Type relation Population Page: Issue #52: Consider re-naming Statistical Program and related objects Page: Issue #53: INSEE extended GSIM Page: Issue #54: To use language more familiar for the statistical conceptual staff Page: Issue #55: Development of some implementation and application guides Page: Issue #56: To provide some deeper guidance on link with GSBPM Page: Issue #57: Comment on Structure Page: Issue #58: More direct linkage between the GSBPM and GSIM Page: Issue #59: GSIM Visibility and Ease of Use Page: Issue #60: Consistency of GSIM Levels Page: Issue #61: Review of GSIM Information Objects Page: Issue #62: Statistics Canada Enterprise Information Architecture Page: Issue #63: Definitions within the model should be clearer Page: Issue #64: More schemes/illustrations to help understanding the use of GSIM Page: Issue #65: Figure 14. Variable Page: Issue #66: Relationship between Data Resource och Data Set is unclear Page: Issue #67: Enumerated Value Domain has only a relationship to Code List Page: Issue #68: The Business part is abstract and can be more detailed Page: Issue #69: To add a relationship between Statistical Program and Subject Domain/Field Page: Issue #70: Clarify the use of Variable in GSIM Page: Issue #71: ABS experience Page: Issue #72: How to communicate after adding details at logical level to GSIM Page: Issue #73: Adding "Collection Exchange Channels" and "Dissemination Exchange Channels" Page: Issue #74: Administrative Register Page: Issue #75: promote the awareness to GSIM Page: Issue #76: to organize use-cases in wiki by aim/topics/maturity Page: Issue #77: Include LIM Variable work Page: Issue #78: Check relationship between Map and Classification Item Page: Issue #79: Minor error in GSIM & CSPA LIM EA files Page: Issue #80: Error in CSPA LIM EA file - Explanatory Notes Page: Issue #81: Error in GSIM & CSPA LIM files - Identifiable Artefact Page: Issue #82: Minor error in EA CSPA LIM file - owned relationship from Referential Metadata Subject Item to Referential Metadata Set