Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) provides a standard framework and harmonised terminology to help statistical organisations to modernise their statistical production processes. Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) is a reference framework for statistical information that provides a set of standardised, consistently described information objects.

Conceptually the two models are closely related and complementary as GSIM describes information objects used as inputs and outputs in statistical production process. As usage of both models is growing, it is important to provide clearer view on how these two models can be used together in an integrated way. This integration will make it easier to design systems to track information flows through statistical business process, thus making processes and services more efficient and potentially automated to some degree.

Linking GSBPM and GSIM report shows how GSIM objects can be used for inputs and outputs of each GSBPM sub-processes. The different types of information is structured using GSIM "Business" Group as

  • Input: core input, process support input and parameter input
  • Output: core output, process metric, process execution log

The diagram below shows information flow of core inputs and outputs (GSIM information objects are represented as non-grey boxes; GSBPM sub-processes are represented as grey boxes). For the full list of inputs and outputs, please refer to the report

Note that 

  • inputs and outputs listed in the diagram are not meant to be exhaustive nor prescriptive, depending on the specific business process and environment of organisation, they may not be needed or different inputs and outputs may be needed
  • the linear process (the outputs from one sub-process are fed into the next sub-process) depicted in the diagram is chosen because of simplicity, business processes in practice are often non-linear and there could be many other flows (e.g., sub-processes skipped, several sub-processes happening simultaneously)
  • boxes with red boundary (e.g., "Exchange Channel (specification)" under Phase 2) represents information objects that Linking GSBPM and GSIM task team deemed necessary to describe GSBPM sub-process but missing in the current version of GSIM (for more information, see Annex I of the report)

GSBPM Phase 1. Specify needs

GSBPM Phase 2. Design

GSBPM Phase 3. Build

GSBPM Phase 4. Collect

GSBPM Phase 5. Process

GSBPM Phase 6. Analyse

GSBPM Phase 7. Disseminate

GSBPM Phase 8. Evaluate

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