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"Establishment Statistics in a Data-Rich Multinational Environment"






ENBES  - The European Network for Better Establishment Statistics - is announcing a second

Call for Papers and Participation

for the European Establishment Statistics Workshop 2017 (EESW17), to be held at the University of Southampton, UK, on August 30 - September 1, 2017.

Continuing in the traditions of its preceding four events, EESW17 is devoted to furthering the understanding of topics in designing, collecting, analysing and using statistics about and for businesses and other organisational entities. EESW17 is aiming to continue to be a prime European venue for official statistics methodologists, academic researchers and private sector professionals in the fields of business, economic and other areas of establishment statistics  to exchange experiences, share new methods and findings, learn from each other, and create opportunities for deeper collaboration.

Under a broad heading of Establishment Statistics in a Data-Rich Multinational Environment, the workshop welcomes contributions on all topics related to establishment statistics: sample design, data collection, response process, editing and imputation, estimation, modelling, data presentation and dissemination, metadata and process data for establishment statistics, cross-national statistics, and similar. However, we especially invite contributions and considerations on new developments in these overarching areas, which can contribute to addressing some emerging research questions:

New and integrated data sources: applications and case studies

  • How does the methodology of price statistics change in the era of big data?
  • How is the unit problem (correct delineation of sampling units or observation units) handled when linking data sources?
  • What is the role of sampling with new data sources?

Making hidden methodologies explicit

  • Can we live with a single type of unit in business statistics?
  • How does national accounts use business statistics?
  • How to measure the uncertainty of national accounts or other macro accounts?
  • How do NSIs manage disclosure control of the business outliers?

Communication in the statistical production process

  • How to communicate with respondents to survey questionnaires?
  • How effective is communication along the production processes?
  • How to represent and communicate the uncertainty of business statistics?
  • How to best use visualisation to communicate with users?
The 2017 workshop will also continue (see e.g. the November 2014 event to focus attention on the unit problem as a major obstacle to producing and communicating good business statistics. Starting from four perspectives - methodology for statistical domains, business registers, national accounts, global statistics - and building on recent developments, EESW17 aims to engage in an extended effort at formulating a joint statement of the unit problem, which clearly presents the issues involved and the interplay between the various perspectives. Whether the unit problem can be resolved in a fundamental sense or not remains an open question, but such a summary view in any case seems necessary and helpful for moving forward.

To organise a session on one of these topics, or to contribute a paper for such a session, we advise you to early on - preferably by January 15, 2017 - get in touch with Mojca Bavdaž (Mojca.Bavdaz[at] or Li-Chun Zhang (L.Zhang[at] to discuss its suitability for the programme. You can contact them also with other proposals for session topics and papers, or if you would like to hear about and get connected with other colleagues possibly working on a research topic that your are interested in.

To submit a formal application for presentation, please use on-line application form, with a deadline of March 31, 2017.

All accepted authors will be requested to provide a paper, to be circulated to the participants well in advance of the workshop, to aid their preparations. The draft paper should be between 3 and 5 pages of length in the standard format. The authors will be free to use a template they prefer. Pdfs of final papers will be made available to general audience after the workshop, by publishing them in the ENBES scientific repository (



University of Southampton, Highfield Campus

Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK


Start: Wednesday, August 30th, morning

 (an informal gathering is contemplated for Tuesday evening)

End: Friday, September 1st, lunchtime

 (EESW17 is organised back-to-back with the RSS Annual Conference, held on September 4 - 7, 2017, in Glasgow, Scotland)


Through the workshop format, EESW17 will encourage deep exchange between authors and audience, through forms and timing of its activities.

The workshop will offer:

  • paper sessions (overarching themes sessions, invited sessions, contributed sessions, speed sessions),
  • posters,
  • group discussions,
  • informal occasions for exchanges.

Important dates

Date closingActivity
March 31, 2017Registration closes: Submission of formal papers and participation applications
April 28, 2017Evaluation of applications (which may include requests by the organisers for adjustment of focus or other edits of the abstract)
May 2, 2017Announcement of preliminary acceptance of papers and participation
May 8, 2017Authors/participants requested to confirm their participation (essential for inclusion into programme)
May 22, 2017Preliminary programme announced
July 28, 2017Submission of first drafts of papers, to be distributed to participants in preparations for the workshop
August 25, 2017Advance submission of presentation files (opens August 1, 2017)
August 30 - September 1, 2017Workshop
September 15, 2017Uploading of final papers (pdfs) into the ENBES repository


Those interested to present and/or participate in the workshop are asked to fill in an on-line application form accessible by following this link not later than on March 31, 2017. To get in touch with the organisers to discuss potential contributions, please see section about contact, above.

The number of participants is limited to 55. Priority will be given to presenting participants. We will be discouraging a large number of participants from the same institution, country, or similar type of common environment. Other things equal, the places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Each participant is expected to cover her or his own travel and accommodation expenses.


Before the workshop, presenters are required to submit a short paper (3-5 pages) which is read in advance by all workshop participants. The paper's format should be a pdf document, produced by word processor of the authors' liking (there are no set requirements for font type and size, margins, etc).


More details concerning the workshop will progressively be made available at To contact the organisers, you may use their individual email addresses, or the event email address eesw[at]


We are hoping that you are interested to participate in the EESW17 workshop, and that we will meet you in Southampton, UK, in August 2017.


Scientific Committee,

Mojca Bavdaž, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Wim Kloek, Eurostat, Luxembourg

Boris Lorenc, Statistics Sweden

Desislava Nedyalkova, Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Paul Smith, University of Southampton, UK

Li-Chun Zhang, University of Southampton, UK, and Statistics Norway

Thomas Zimmermann, Destatis, Germany

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