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European Establishment Statistics Workshop – EESW09
Stockholm, Sweden, 7-9 September 2009

Efficient methodology for producing high quality establishment statistics


The “2009 European Establishment Statistics Workshop” is the first general workshop on methodological issues in production of statistics regarding businesses, organizations and other units not belonging to social statistics. It will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, as a 2½-day event starting on afternoon of 7th September 2009.

Organised in a response to the need for more exchange and cooperation between establishment statistics methodologists, researchers and practitioners, EESW09 tackles the chosen subject, “Efficient methodology for producing high quality establishment statistics”. This subject will be viewed from a multitude of domains: data collection, editing and imputation, sampling and estimation, modelling, administrative data and register data use, etc. Of particular interest are topics that promise to be mutually beneficial for two or more domains, and also those that have been brought into immediate focus by the economic recession.


• GENERAL THEME OF EESW09: Efficient use of resources for producing establishment statistics.

• EMERGING ISSUE ADDRESSED AT EESW09: Measuring business statistics in recession (e.g. recession and survey-taking climate; business demography and recession; estimation challenges etc.)


- Integrated systems or architectures for establishment statistics production, particularly integration of questionnaire design, editing, imputation and estimation (including e.g. selective editing).

- Use of data external to the survey in establishment statistics production (e.g. tax data or another survey): matching issues; identification and treatment of errors in external data; systems for producing statistics from secondary data, etc.

- Limitation of the response burden (e.g. sample coordination; use and validation of models in estimation; paradata on editing and imputation as input to data collection improvement, etc.)

as well as other topics that contribute to the general theme of the workshop.


Format of the workshop:

The Workshop will offer four kinds of activities:

1. Paper sessions:

Each session will contain 3-4 papers, each given about 25 minutes equally distributed between presentation and discussion. Before the workshop, presenters are required to submit a short paper (3-5 pages) which is read in advance by all workshop participants.

2. A panel session:

There is an ongoing activity taking place with relevance for establishment surveys: funded projects, a number of international work groups, an international conference, a business data collection workshop, etc. Still, as an overview of these activities is missing, the panel session aims to bring representative of these activities together and investigate the potential for mutual gain.

3. Small group discussions:

Topics thought to be particularly fruitful for exchange and future cooperation between methodologists from the different domains will be discussed in small groups.

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