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A primary aim of CSPA is to support efficient sharing and reuse of process patterns, information and services at an organization and international level. One key requisite in achieving this goal is an ability to reliably and efficiently discover what is available for reuse to support a particular business need. This includes an ability to efficiently assess whether a potentially reusable artefact is, in fact, "fit for purpose" in practice when in comes to supporting that particular business need.

The Global Artefact Catalogue fulfils this requisite - enabling the CSPA community to access and share CSPA services. It is a composite conceptual catalogue representing 5 layers of information.

 Find out more about each layer of the Global Artefact Catalogue below!

The Knowledge Base (Virtual Standards Helpdesk) provides access to standards such as GSIM, GSBPM and GAMSO, as well as information about DDI and SDMX.
The Investment Catalogue provides information about the developments that have been planned or are in progress by statistical organizations. User Guide: Investment and Capability Catalogues
The Capability Catalogue provides information about the developments that have been completed (ie. Capabilities that already exist) in statistical organisations. User Guide: Investment and Capability Catalogues
The CSPA Service Catalogue is hosted by Eurostat. In order to access the CSPA Service Catalogue, you will need to have established a user account with the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS). For a list of available services, please click here. For instructions on how to create an ECAS user account, please click here.
The Technical/Supporting Services layer of the Global Artefacts Catalogue is  currently accessible via the Service Implementation Specification for the Statistical Service. The current repository is An example can be accessed via the following link:




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