One suggestion at METIS 2013 was to include relationships in the glossary.

One could use rules like: always include inheritance and subtypes, consider including components and aggregates, can include other associations.

Alternatvely one could have always mention the nearest neighbours of any information object in the explanatory text.

Description of the relationships should include the text and notation of the UML diagrams and these should be maintained in a consistent fashion.

If the UML text on the association doesn't work in the glossary, then the UML text should be changed.


 Data Point

No attributes

Mandatory relationship to unit?!

10Representation (to be renamed to Presentation)No attributes

Dissemination Service


Need to make it a subtype of Business Service

Review relationships and attributes

(there are no attributes)

4Business Service

Need to make Dissemination Service a subtype

Review relationships and attributes



Unit Type  

review proposed relationships and attributes

add relationship to logical record

13Unitreview relationships and attributes following removal of subtypes
13Populationreview relationships and attributes following removal of subtypes
28Business Process (renamed from Statistical Program Activity, previously renamed from Statistical Activity)  and Process Execution Record (Renamed from Process Step Execution Record)relationship between these objects?
30Question and *Multiple Question Item (to be removed)Pending outcome of 35, these will become subtypes of a new abstract question object
36Exchange Channel (renamed from Data Channel)Following removal of subtypes, need to implement relationship changes



#8LevelAdd new diagrams to include Level in the next release
#21Classification VersionRemove
 Classification VariantRemove

Classification (Classification Series),

Classification Scheme(Statistical Classification)

Revise relationships according to proposal

Index (Classification Index)

Index Entry (Classification Index Entry)

Ensure only have relationships to Classification objects and not to nodesets.
Data PointMandatory relationship to unit but data point is abstract?
Enumerate Value DomainRelationship to Code List described as "is" - should be something like "takes value from"


Represented Variable

Instance Variable

Currently all reference a concept, population. Do they all need these relationships?
 RuleText says that there should be a self referential relationship (nested rules) but there is no relationship 



Attributes Table (did not have permission to add it in the Attributes Page: please move)

#1Unit TypeNew: add attributes
#4Business ServiceAlign attributes after making Dissemination Service a subtype of Business Service