Workshop on the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services

25-27 November 2013

Room VII, Palais des Nations, Geneva


Information Note 1

Information Note 2

List of Participants

Draft Agenda

Final report



 Big Data Project Proposal with sandbox annex



  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. Frameworks and Standards Project
  3. Common Statistical Production Architecture Project
  4. Project Board Overview
  5. Modernisation in the Asia-Pacific Region
  6. Statistical Network
  7. European Statistical System - Vision Infrastructure Programme
  8. Statistical Information Systems Collaboration Community
  9. Executive Board Overview
  10. Modernisation Committee on Organisational Frameworks and Evaluation
  11. Supplementary slides from Steering Group on Human Resources Management and Training
  12. Modernisation Committee on Production and Methods
  13. Modernisation Committee on Products and Sources
  14. Modernisation Committee on Standards
  15. Final priorities decided by the Workshop



  1. HLG Video
  2. CSPA Proof of Concept - Sweden