The scope of the GSBPM focuses predominantly on the Statistical Production aspects of the business undertaken by statistical organizations.  The Model is not intended to cover the full set of processes or architecture of these organizations, although some of these are listed in the statistical and non-statistical overarching or cross cutting processes.

Statistical organizations are realizing the need to adapt to the faster changing and more complex, high volume information world of the future.  Additionally, the desire is now strong to remove 'stove-pipes' and share and re-use more frameworks, systems, etc., both within and across statistical organizations.  Is it time to draw out these important cross cutting processes from statistical processes for individual production projects, and acknowledge the benefits from a separation of these different and important concerns?  For example, separating organizational level capability building processes (e.g. system component building, statistical framework development) from day to day statistical production processes.  Perhaps these processes could be considered in the same way that statistical framework management, provider management, etc. are considered to be separate cross cutting processes that straddle the individual production projects.

The Business Architecture (BA) for a statistical organization should provide a holistic/complete view of all its activities/processes, although the statistical production line of business is still the most important in terms of focus.  Ideally the new version of the GSBPM would provide the basis for this statistical production line of business within an organization's BA.  This is additional to saying that the GSBPM needs to support CSPA as an Industry Architecture for statistical production.  Although timing is an issue, the Statistical Network project working on a common Business Architecture should provide at least a high level breakdown of the key lines of business within a statistical organization, that would facilitate a review of the GSBPM scope boundaries at some later point.  It is therefore recommended that the GSBPM review acknowledge this BA integration requirement.

As an example, the new BA for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has been divided into four discrete lines of business - Statistical Leadership, Statistical Capability, Statistical Production and Corporate Capability.  

It should be recognised there are benefits for Modernization if reference models are also agreed for other non-production streams of business activity within statistical organizations (i.e. creating a full BA).  It is not proposed that the GSBPM itself should be extended to become a reference model for all streams of business activity.  Other UNECE/HLG projects may be proposed in regard to the other streams once the Statistical Network project on Business Architecture has been completed.

Links to the full ABS BA (still under development) are provided below

Business Architecture Activity Model diagrams (Powerpoint)

Business Architecture Activity Model diagrams (Pdf)

Statistical Production covering paper

Statistical Leadership line of business descriptions 

Statistical Capability line of business descriptions

 Statistical Production line of business descriptions  

 Corporate Capability line of business descriptions