Hi all,

The Neuchatel group have finlised their proposal regarding classification index and classification index entry object. Here is their final picture:


Draft Definitions:

Index: A Classification Index is a list of words or text strings (e.g. the name of a locality, an economic activity or an occupational title and task) that refer to Classification Items refer to Classification Items in one or more Statistical Classifications from the same Classification Family.

Explanatory notes: A Classification index shows the relationship between text found in statistical data sources (responses to survey questionnaires, administrative records) and one or more Statistical Classifications.  A Classification index may be used to assign the codes for classification items to  observations in statistical collections. A Classification Index may be presented in alphabetical order of the text, in code order, or searched electronically.

Index Entry: An index entry is a word or a short text (e.g. the name of a locality, an economic activity or an occupational title) describing a type of object/unit or object property to which the classification version or variant applies, together with the code of the corresponding classification item. Each index entry typically refers to one item of the classification version or variant. Although an index entry may be associated with an item at any level of the classification version or variant, index entries are normally associated with items at the lowest level. 

This proposal adds two objects to GSIM and closely mirrors the original Neuchatel model


Questions for GIG:

These objects could be added to the model as Classification Index/Index Entry or as Index/Index Entry. The question is could these objects be broadened out? 

In a response to Issue #24, Chris suggested that Indexes could be used for discovery. Is this a use case to justify broadening out the objects? Should they remain with classifications only?

If they are only for classifications, should indexes be in this level of GSIM? Do they only belong in the Neuchatel annex?