This list includes those who have taken part in one or more teleconferences of the initial big data task team or the sandbox specification team, or otherwise contributed to the development of the project proposal during May - November 2013

AustraliaRic Clarke, Michael Glasson, Brian Studman
CanadaRob McLellan, Jean Pignal
EurostatMartin Karlberg, Vittorio Perduca, Pilar Rey del Castillo and Michail Skaliotis
IrelandAndrew Murray
ItalyCarlo Vaccari, Giulio Barcaroli
MexicoAbel Coronado Iruegas
NetherlandsBarteld Braaksma, Piet Daas, Marco Puts, Peter Struijs
New ZealandGary Dunnet, Matjaz Jug, Rosemary McGrath
OECDTrevor Fletcher, David Barraclough
PolandJanusz Dygaszewicz
SloveniaBoro Nikić and Tomaž Špeh
TurkeySoner Hatipoğlu
UNECESteven Vale and Fiona Willis-Núñez (facilitators), Tanya Yarmola (sandbox facilitator)
United KingdomTerry Compton, Jane Naylor, Amy Osborne, Martin Ralphs, Alan Smith, Susan Williams, Paul Woobey

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Teleconference notes

Sandbox task team

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