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The 2013 MSIS meeting decided that Big data is a key issue for official statistics. This section of the MSIS wiki serves as a record of the preliminary work on the topic.  Current material and developments are now located in two other wiki spaces:

a public-access wiki for information about ongoing and completed work outputs, including an inventory of big data projects; a classification of big data sources; papers; links and resources.

a wiki for the various task teams currently involved in work for the 2014 HLG project on Big Data in Official Statistics.  Most sections are restricted to members of those task teams.


Background to UNECE's Big Data work

In May 2013 a temporary task team was set up to work out the key issues with using Big Data for official statistics, identify priority actions and formulate a project proposal. The team worked virtually, by Wiki and Webex.


Once approved, the project was launched at the beginning of 2014.  The objectives of the project are: