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This page is a place for the community of people working in data collection in national and international statistical institutes to share knowledge, experience, ideas and resources.  It is under development and will evolve according to the level of interest it generates and the amount of use made of the resources. Please refer to out Census Wiki for information on acivities in the area of population and housing censuses.
Please feel free to add your suggestions for other things we could do on this wiki, either via the discussion forums or by emailing us.

Seminars and Workshops:
Information and Documents of UNECE Workshops on Statistical Data Collection

Discussion Forums:
International collaboration, challenges and opportunities, new developments in data collection

Country Practices:
Case Studies of National Statistical Offices for the Organization of Data Collection

Data collection strategies:
Examples of National Data Collection Strategies

Discussion Forums

Statistics Canada kindly offered to host the 2017 UNECE Data Collection Workshop. It was held from 10 to 12 October in Ottawa, Canada.

The objective of this workshop was to identify innovative ways and best practices in statistical data collection, and to provide a platform for practitioners to exchange experiences and foster collaboration in this area. In addition to the more traditional presentations, the agenda of the workshop included target-driven small group discussions to identify best practices and new opportunities. The target audience for the workshop includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for data collection activities and new data sources, across all statistical domains from Statistical Offices and other agendies from national and international statistical systems.

The programme of the workshop consisted of the following substantive topics:

    • Modernisation of data collection management and integration of data collection infrastructures and technologies;
    • Use of new technologies, skills and mind-set for data collection;
    • Alternative sources and ways of data collection to reduce survey burden;
    • Communication with respondents; and
    • Data collection by collaboration and coproduction.

Fourth Data Collection Workshop 2016:  

The 2016 UNECE Workshop on Statistical Data Collection: 'Visions on Future Surveying' was held back-to-back with the Workshop on Statistical Dissemination and Communication. It was well attended with nearly 140 unique participants for the joint day of the workshops and over 90 participants for the Data Collection Workshop itself. Participants from around fifty different countries and organisations from all permanently inhabited continents saw around 50 excellent presentations (24 for Data Collection, 5 on the joint day and 20 for Dissemination and Communication). Additionally, in the special event on the joint day, 12 teams competed against each other in producing tangible output. For each session, main lessons learned and topics for future work were identified by sub-groups. Through and inclusive and democratic process, the following main topics were identified for future work in the area of Data Collection:

  • Mobile devices for data collection (increases response rate, but is it a different mode and should we adapt the design and/or shorten the questionnaire)
  • Skills and mind-set needed for our future data collection methods
  • Paradata: how to structure, understand and us it
  • New methods such as integration sources and sampling techniques to reduce survey burden
  • Design shorter questionnaires (what do we really need, identify key questions, maximise result while minimise size, paradigm change of staff)
  • Use of nudging initiatives in communicating with respondents
  • Measure the impact of personalized feedback (cost-benefit)
  • How to integrate Big Data and other new sources into integrated data management systems
  • Behavioural studies for design and communication strategies
  • Improve partnerships with data providers
  • Measure the effectiveness of incentives and their impact on data quality

The 2015 Data Collection Workshop: Riding the Wave of the Data Deluge  was successfully held from 29 April to 1 May in Washington D.C., United States of America. It was held back-to-back with the Workshop on the Communication of Statistics (27-29 April). We thank participants, organizers and steering committee members for their contributions.

The 2017 Data Collection Workshop was held from 10 to 12 October in Ottawa, hosted by Statistics Canada. There were over thirty presentations about the latest innovations in Statistical Data Collection. It was attended by 70 participants and got (again) very high ratings for usefulness for future work. Click here to see the outcome of the group discussions.

Participants 2016 UNECE Workshop on Statistical Data Collection: 'Visions on Future Surveying' 

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Blog Posts: