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Object/ Issue
Raised byLast comment
Outcome/current status
Fundamental issue
#1Distinction between 1-3 and 4 - 7 (Design vs Production)Gareth McGuinness18 SeptCould add some description to make distinction obvious (and show alignment to GSIM) 
#7Different types of statistical productionThérèse Lalor30 Sept

Remove any last survey centric mentions. - UNECE

Potential for additional views/profiles of GSBPM in future.

#13Purposes and Use of GSBPMLynne Bismire30 Sept

Highlight new purpose and uses - different emphasis now? Add links to other reference models (GSIM, CSPA)

Circle back to this after discussing phases, sub process changes.

#19A level below sub processLynne Bismire30 Sept

Recommend against a level 3 because they are not generic.

Examples of national level 3s to go on the wiki for future revisions.

Overarching statistical processes
#2Quality and Metadata ManagementWilhelmus Kloek30 Sept

Review paragraphs 41 - 46 (Quality - Wilhelmus Kloek and Nadia Mignolli) and 47 - 48 (Metadata - Jenny Linnerud)

Improve paragraph 13

New Quality text pasted into draft

Still need to add the metadata text and changes to para 13

#15New overarching process: Manage Production ProcessLynne Bismire30 SeptProject management is listed in paragraph 14 as an overarching process------
#16Solution focus in Phase 1: Specify NeedsLynne Bismire15 Oct

Add higher level solution as part of business case text 

Add to descriptions wording about specific populations and legislative requirements to relevant sub processes.

#11Rename Phase 3: Build

Lynne Bismire

Mats Bergdahl

15 OctAdd something to paragraph 28 - the introduction to build phase - about reuse - Robert McLellan 
#8Boundaries of phases (particularly Phases 5 - 6)Thérèse Lalor15 Oct

The split is maybe not quite as simple as micro vs macro because it depends on the type of process survey data vs National accounts.

A number of suggestions about changes to subprocesses so we should come back to this conversation.

#10Change scope of phase 7: DisseminationLynne Bismire15 OctAdd something about self service by data users in Disseminate. There is some collating of data for the users to select from. See the subprocess suggestion from Gareth McGuinness 
#6Phase 8: ArchiveAlice Born15 Oct

Business case to be written for the removal of Phase 8 and the addition of an overarching phase,

Gary Dunnet, Eden Brinkley, Mats Bergdahl, Alice Born to review business case

Business case drafted and circulated to the HLG Project Board. This will be presented for approval on 24 October

Phase 8 text removed from new draft.

Still need to finalise overarching phase

#35New Phase: Create StandardsGareth McGuinness15 Oct

This is a separate piece of work/model - processes that result in standards. This could be more generalised in the HLG work. Future work to given attention.

Action: There are elements of it in some sub processes. Strengthen something around the design phase - Gareth McGuinness

Proposed text added to phase 2 draft
Sub-processes: phases 1 - 4 (see overview picture)
#30Remove finalise subprocesses (3.6, 4.4, 5.8, 6.5)Mats Bergdahl---  
#38Minor change to 1.1 titleMats Bergdahl---Title of subprocess to be changed to Identify needsChanged in draft
#25Minor change to 1.6 titleGiorgia Simeoni ---No change as "for approval" is implied------
#26Switch order of 2.3 and 2.4Giorgia Simeoni  ---You do not need to progress through the model in a linear order. Change will confuse more than add------
#39Changes to titles of 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6Mats Bergdahl--- Change to title of 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5. No change to 2.6 Titles changed in draft
#21Add design of disclosure control into 2.5


Alice Born---Text to be added to 2.5 and 2.1.  Thérèse Lalor and  Darren Lauzon to propose text added to draft
#18Move instrument building sub process (3.1) to Phase 2Lynne Bismire---Not agreed to------
#36Remove subprocesses 3.2, 3.4, 3.6Gareth McGuinness---Change language to be about Services Robert McLellan 
#23Changes to 3.3 and 3.4Nadia Mignolli---

New subprocess on dissemination proposed - Nadia Mignolli to draft text

 text added to draft
#28Clarification on 3.5Giorgia Simeoni  --- Not agreed to ---------
#40Change to title of 4.1Mats Bergdahl--- Title changed to Create frame and select sample Title changed in draft
#17Validating admin data in Collect sub process 4.3?Lynne Bismire---  
#29Change to description of 4.3Giorgia Simeoni  ---  
#27Clarification on 4.4Giorgia Simeoni  ---  
Sub-processes: phases 5 - 9 (see overview picture)

Change titles of 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4

Mats Bergdahl--- Not agreed to --------
#205.1 Integrate DataWilhelmus Kloek---  
#145.3 Review, validate and editLynne Bismire---  
#41Change description and title of 5.5Mats Bergdahl---  
#24Combine 5.5 and 6.1Nadia Mignolli---Issue merged with Issue 31 -------
#31Move 5.7 to phase 6Mats Bergdahl---  
#32Add seasonal adjustment subprocess to Phase 6Mats Bergdahl---  
#42Change title of 6.2Mats Bergdahl--- Not agreed to --------
#43Change title of 6.3Mats Bergdahl--- Change title to "interpret and explain outputs" changed in draft
#45Change title of 6.4Mats Bergdahl--- Not agreed to -------
#44Add new subprocess to end of phase 6Mats Bergdahl---  
#37.? Dissemination Services as sub processGareth McGuinness---  
#46Remove sub process 7.1Mats Bergdahl---  
#47Change title of 7.2Mats Bergdahl--- Not agreed to ------
#48Change title of 9.3Mats Bergdahl---  
#4Microdata, to include these

Alice Born

Lynne Bismire

25 Sept  
#5View of GSBPMThérèse Lalor27 Sept  
#33Where is field management and paradata?Jill Pobjoy---  
#37Where is the frame in the production phaseWilhelmus Kloek---  
#9Information on ways to use the model (process modelling)Thérèse Lalor---  
#12Minor Document editingLynne Bismire---  
#22Use Cases or profiles of GSBPMAlice Born---  
#34Alignment with GSIM terms and mention GSIM where needed

Thérèse Lalor

Gareth McGuinness