Road maps to improve climate change-related statistics Word (March 2017)

Tool for countries to prioritize action to improve climate data Russian (Updated in March 2017, originally developed in November 2015)

Set of key climate change-related indicators and their metadata sheets (for consultation, February 2017)

Report on countries' progress in climate change-related statistics (February 2017)

Making the case for greater involvement of national statistical offices in measuring climate-change related statistics (February 2016)

Leaflet summarizing the CES Recommendations on climate change-related statistics Russian (October 2016)

How national statistical offices can support greenhouse gas inventories? (September 2015)

Capacity gaps in climate change‐related statistics (September 2015)

CES Recommendations on Climate Change-related Statistics (December 2014)


Measuring progress towards the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement (October 2016)

UNECE work on climate change statistics gained global support (March 2016)

UNECE work to be discussed at the UN Statistical Commission (March 2016)

UNECE engages statisticians ahead of COP21 (November 2015)

A story related to data needed for managing climate risks (November 2015)

Towards better data for climate policies (August 2015)

The United Nations Secretary-General has put climate change at the top of the United Nations agenda. Here you can find information about  UNECE work on climate change.