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The European Network for Better Establishment Statistics (ENBES) is dedicated to improving cooperation on methodology, theory and applications within European establishment
statistics. Establishment statistics is statistics about - and for - businesses and other forms of corporate units. ENBES invites professionals from official statistics, academia and private sector to join activities aimed at advancing the state of the art of the field, as well as at promoting the theory and best practice that leads to more efficient and consistent methods in establishment statistics production. ENBES stands for a holistic approach to the field of establishment statistics. It promotes an examination of all aspects in the chain of production: questionnaire design, editing, estimation, and so on. Only using such an approach can a proper balance of efforts and costs be reached, enabling high quality production of establishment statistics.
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ENBES - Purpose and operation.pdf
ENBES - Purpose and operation.pdf

RSS as the administrative host for ENBES

ENBES and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) have in August 2013 entered into a collaboration by which the RSS will act as an administrative host for ENBES. With both organistions having a profound interest in furthering the theory, methods and practices of statistics on businesses and other institutional units, the collaboration is by both organisations seen as contributing towards this general goal. The collaboration is entered with a trial period of two years, after which it will be evaluated.

Current caretakers of ENBES