Consumer Price Indices (CPI) released by CSO

The Central Statistics Office (CSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India releases comprehensive Consumer Price Indices (CPI) on base 2010=100 for all-India and States/UTs (provinces) separately for rural, urban and combined every month with effect from January, 2011 annual inflation rates from January 2012 onwards.  One of the most important features of this CPI series is that these indices cover the entire population of the country and their diverse consumption patterns.

Weighting Diagram

        Weighting diagram has been derived from the results of the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CES) conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) during 2004-05.

Price data collection

        Rural price data are collected from the identified shops /outlets from 1181 selected villages covering all the districts (sub-provinces) in the country.

        Urban price data are collected from 310 selected towns across all States/UTs, covering all classes of towns and from markets patronized by the affluent, middle and poor segments of the population

        Markets have been distributed more or less equally among the four weeks of the month to capture week to week variations in the prices.

        Specifications of items have been decided on the basis of their popularity.

        For unique identification of items, Structured Product Descriptions (SPDs) are followed.

        There are about 550 thousand records of price data.

Rent data collection

        For rent data collection in the urban areas, each of 6,684 sample rented dwellings is visited once in six months period (January—June, July- December).

Data collection agencies

        Price and rent data from the urban areas are collected by the Field Operations Division of the NSSO.

        Price data from the rural areas are collected by the Department of Posts.

Data submission and scrutiny

        Two web portals have been developed separately for rural and urban areas for online data entry and data submission

        These web portals are exhaustive and a host of activities are performed on these platforms

        checking of uploading status.

        online/real time scrutiny using diagnostic tables (market wise list of missing prices, items for which variations in the current month prices compared to previous month  exceed specified limits, distribution of items by price variations).

        These portals contain information about details of markets, shops, item specifications, scrutiny instructions and guidelines for data collection.

        Online scrutiny is carried out till the data for a given month is uploaded.

        Once the month is over, off-line scrutiny of the downloaded data is done to ensure that there are no outliers in the data.

Release of indices

        CPI numbers are released on 12th of the following month.

Revision of indices at regular interval

        CPI numbers would be revised on the basis of the results of the five yearly CES.

        Revised CPI using the results of CES (2011-12) is expected to be released in 2014.