MSIS 2013 Abstract


What’s New from the High-Level Group?


Steven Vale, UNECE


The High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services (HLG) is increasingly bringing a global strategic overview to the way statistics are produced. This group of ten heads of national and international statistical organisations now has a clear role as the statistical industry “think-tank” on all issues relating to modernisation. It also oversees the work of MSIS and similar groups.


This paper will outline the achievements of the HLG over the past year, including the development of a Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM), strengthened governance for modernisation activities. It will also summarise the two big projects launched by the HLG for 2013, concerning the implementation and integration of standards, and the development of a “plug and play” capability within and between organisations.


The paper will aim to stimulate a discussion on the role of the MSIS group within the modernisation landscape.