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Transformative Opportunities of Implementing a Collaborative Platform in the Government Statistical Service of Hong Kong, China

Anthony SK Mak

Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong, China


The Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong takes on the transformative opportunities of fostering collaboration in the Government Statistical Service (GSS) through the implementation of a collaborative platform together with major procedural and cultural changes.  All along, the Department orientates its operation around paper files, emails, meetings and telephone discussions in a silo environment.  Knowledge retention and sharing are most challenging under such an environment as the files and media involved are, relatively speaking, diverse and loosely connected.  Hence, record keeping and knowledge capturing with regard to emails and electronic files in particular are often dispersed in different destinations and storage devices, making convenient retrieval and easy referencing difficult.


Under the new collaborative platform, workspaces, central repository and collaboration are the central design themes, under which a virtual environment is established for colleagues to work, share and learn.  With the adoption of new technologies, colleagues work, communicate, discuss, learn and share knowledge in workspaces without worrying about issues of knowledge capture, retention and retrieval.  This paper presents the transformative opportunities of implementing a collaborative platform in the GSS of Hong Kong and discusses the key success factors in fostering a “new way of work” on the collaborative platform.


Author name:Anthony S.K. Mak, Senior Statistician

IT Branch (2), General Statistics Division

Census & Statistics Department, HKSAR

Hong Kong


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