Topic (iii)


Concept of Statistical Surveys Organization in the Central Statistical Office of Poland



Author: Janusz Dygaszewicz, Director of Programming and Coordination of Statistical Surveys Department



Concept of Statistical Surveys Organization in the CSO of Poland requires taking action aimed at increasing the efficiency of the statistical production process and accompanying organizational and coordination processes. To achieve this goal a lot of activities must be taken, out of which three main ones, taken with the view of making the organization more efficient, are as follows:

  • Identifying and establishing processes within the particular stages of official statistics, based on the Generic Statistical Business Process Model - GSBMP[1]) and preparing the Integrated Statistical Business Process Model (ISBPM), that includes models appropriate to reality  and the needs of Polish official statistics; specifying the vision of implementing statistical surveys– standard of integrated statistical production process taking into consideration metadata objects. 
  • Standardizing organizational processes, which is based not only on ensuring uniform solutions regarding data collection and processing, but also on implementing the entire statistical process according to uniform principles and procedures.
  • Preparing the procedures that make it possible  to automate planning processes and survey implementation.
  • Implementing the concepts, rules and procedures in stages, with regard the possibilities and human and financial resources.
  • Preparing and implementing in stages  data collection strategy as well as data storage, processing and dissemination.
  • Defining goals and requirements for the metadata system and the analysis of potential use – for the survey on the basis of the statistical surveys program – of solutions designed or implemented in projects conducted in the CSO, i.e. in censuses and the Official Statistics Information System.
  • Preparing and stage-wise implementing  the meta-information concept that enables the use and creation of meta-information on every stage of the statistical process as well as management of the access, users and the quality of meta information.


The Concept of Statistical Surveys Organization in the CSO of Poland covers the entire  transformation programme  from the current surveys organization model, based on a stovepipe model, to the Integrated Statistical Business Process System, which will be fully implemented by 2020.