Information Infrastructure Enabling ABS Transformation

MSIS, April 2013, Paris

Stuart Girvan, Australian Bureau of Statistics


In response to a number of challenges facing the organisation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) initiated the ABS 2017 transformation program that will change the way ABS collects, collates, manages, uses, reuses and disseminates statistical information. ABS 2017 carries forward and expands upon the key elements of the Information Management Transformation Program (IMTP), in particular the investment in statistical information infrastructure and building of capability to re-engineer business processes.

At the heart of the transformation is the re-engineering of business processes and the application of standards based statistical information to bring about a leap in re-use and automation of statistical processes. To achieve this step change in automation and re-use it is essential to manage and standardise both metadata and processes. The Metadata Registry and Repository (MRR) and Statistical Workflow Management System (SWM) provide the technical foundations for such an approach.

This paper will discuss the history, progress and future plans for the development and application of the MRR and SWM. It will explore the conceptual thinking and design of the MRR and SWM, as well the how the MRR is employing standards such as DDI. It will also describe proof of concept and prototype work demonstrating the practical application of these key information infrastructure elements and the standards they implement.