Topic (iv): Collaboration


"Using C-Cube for the production of Key Indicators and other statistical work" or "C-Cube a useful tool for Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration", Artur Adrysiak, ADB


C-Cube is an on-line collaboration tool based on IBM's software Lotus Quickr. The term C-Cube stands for three core ideas: Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration. C-Cubes are used extensively within ADB to support the work of Communities of Practice and other expert forums, facilitating collaboration using discussion forums and document libraries.

In our own division, I am currently working with a small team to design a C-Cube for our Key Indicator publication to provide a platform for regular communications and secure statistical data exchange between the data providers and ADB Key Indicators team. We hope that this C-Cube will help us improve the efficiency for collection of data for Key Indicators and provide documents and data archive as well as forum for regular communication with our country counterparts and other experts. In our division we already have other operational C-Cubes for agricultural statistics and ICP, both or which have been quite successful in facilitating communications and data exchanges.

I think that the flexibility given by the C-Cubes to have on-line discussions, video conferences, seminars as well as exchange of data is quite different from the traditional approach taken by international organizations and could  be of interest to the participants.