Papers for the Meeting on Management of

Statistical Information Systems (MSIS 2011)

(Paris, France, and Bangkok, Thailand, 23-25 April 2013)





ii) Streamlining statistical production

Session Organizers: Christine Wirtz, Eurostat ( and René Piché, International Monetary Fund (IMF) (



Title: Process Streamlining and Innovation – Meeting the future demands of a Statistical Organization

Author: Laurent Meister, IMF



The paper will discuss essential components of a streamlining strategy for statistical data processes with specific examples from the ongoing Initiative of "Standardize, Streamline, and Automate" within the IMF Statistics Department. The primary topics to be covered will include: Standards - with respect to Business Processes, their underlying components and Business Roles; Technology - desirable system and user-level functionalities that enhance production efficiencies; Organization - a desirable framework to support production activities and to maintain the efficiencies gained over time; and Validation Methodologies – efficiencies possible within the “Identification, Investigation, Decision and Action” validation process.