Directorate B: Corporate statistical and IT services

Unit B-4 :IT for statistical production



MSIS Session – Topic V.ii – Streamlining statistical production

Streamlining Statistical Production Processes in Eurostat

Artur Queiroz, Mihaela Vacarasu

Eurostat Unit B4 – IT for statistical production

Eurostat plays a central role in the European Statistical System and, in this context, it has a central role in the industrialisation of the statistical production. Several initiatives are going in this direction, where established methods of working became part of projects aiming at changing the landscape of many legacy systems into process-oriented centralized platforms.

Eurostat's statistical production systems are challenged by the increased need of rapidly available high-quality information. Responsiveness and reliability are now major requirements, and the artisanal approach of doing statistics is no longer capable of following the new statistical trends of anytime, anywhere and on any device. New interoperability standards require highly flexible metadata driven systems; the increased complexity of data treatment implies a change towards a business process approach; the vast number of specific applications call for rationalisation, modularisation and industrialisation.

The paper will concentrate on two on-going streamlining initiatives in Eurostat, the reengineering of statistical production systems for Agriculture and Fisheries statistics and for statistics in the wider area of National Accounts.

The genesis and scope of these projects, main challenges, proposed solutions and their added value, as well as roadmaps will be presented.