Directorate B: Corporate statistical and IT services

Unit B-1: Quality, methodology and research


Proposal for a contribution to the
Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems
(MSIS 2013)

The ESS VIP programme : an architectural approach for modernising the European Statistical System

Proposed topic : Architectures

Institution: Eurostat

Author: Jean-Marc Museux,


The paper presents the architectural approach chosen by Eurostat for developing a set of common infrastructures supporting the ESS joint strategy for implementing the vision for the production of EU statistics. The main infrastructural components are 1) a secured network supporting the flow of information (data, metadata, process control) among ESS partners; 2) a platform for sharing service; 3) common data repositories; and  4) a common validation architecture. 

The approach combines business driven key initiatives to demonstrate and to pilot key targeted business objectives: 1) maximising reuse of information fostering exchange of information across partners and processes, 2) improving efficiency and interoperability of production processes; while building gradually the infrastructure components of the future system. The paper reviews the different aspects of the programme: the resources, the phasing and roadmap, the "to be state" and the development of business, information solution and technical architectures in an international and decentralized context.

The approach implies or requires a paradigm shift from a stove pipe and bottom up approach based on projects, to a programmatic approach of closely tied business cases / implementations and generic infrastructure development projects.

The paper will also put some emphasis on the link between other initiatives like the Sponsorship on Standardisation and the UNECE High Level Group initiative on "Plug and Play" initiative.