25 October 2012



Workshop on Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics

(Geneva, Switzerland, 7 – 8 November 2012)






The UNECE will host the workshop at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, on 7-8 November 2012. The workshop will start at 09.30 on 7 November in Room XI





  1. The seminar will take place at:


Palais des Nations

Avenue de la Paix

CH-1211, Geneva 10



  1. The seminar will take place in Salle XI.  A wireless Internet connection will be available in the meeting room.




  1. Presentations and papers for the workshop will be made available on the meeting web site at: http://www.unece.org/stats/documents/2012.11.hlgbas.html




  1. In order to gain entry to the Palais des Nations, delegates must collect a security badge from the Security Identification unit, located at the visitors’ entrance: Prégny gate, 14 Avenue de la Paix.  The Prégny gate is opposite the Red Cross (CICR) building, approximately 500 metres uphill from the Nations gate where the flags of UN Member States can be seen.  Refer to the map in Appendix B. 


  1. It is advisable to arrive at the Prégny gate least 45 minutes before the meeting is due to start to allow time to collect your badge and make your way to the meeting room.


  1. The following documents will need to be presented to the security staff:
    1. Photo identification (e.g. passport)
    2. Original registration form (please bring this with you).

Only delegates who have sent their registration form to the UNECE Statistical Division prior to the meeting will be able to obtain an entry pass. 


  1. You will be given a security badge which will be valid for the duration of the workshop.  Once you have your security badge, it will be possible to re-enter the Palais des Nations from either the Nations gate or the Prégny gate by showing your badge and passport, as long as you do not have luggage (please note that this applies to Member state delegates and head of delegations only—observers and other participants may only use the Prégny gate).


  1. You may bring into the Palais the type of bags that are normally considered as hand luggage by airline companies, e.g. computer bags, rucksacks and hand bags.  There is limited storage space for larger bags at the Prégny gate security building.


  1. Inside the Palais there is a bank with cash machines, a post office, newspaper kiosks and a United Nations book and souvenir shop.  There are also several coffee bars and restaurants and a duty-free shop.  For more information see:




Getting from the airport to Geneva


  1. Geneva airport is approximately four kilometres from the city centre. 


  1. A free ticket to use public transport for your journey into Geneva is available from a machine in the baggage collection area of the airport (just before passing through customs).  This ticket entitles you to free use of the Geneva public transport system (train, tram, bus, boat) for up to 80 minutes.  In the event of a ticket inspection, anyone holding this type of ticket may be asked to show their airline ticket. Look for the machine pictured below after collecting your luggage and before walking out through the customs area. 




















  1. The train is the most convenient way to get into the city centre.  Follow the signs to the airport railway station from the arrivals area.  All trains leaving from the airport stop at Cornavin station, Geneva’s central train station.  The journey takes six minutes. 


  1. There are also buses from the airport to various parts of Geneva: please refer to the route map available at http://www.tpg.ch/fr/horaires-et-reseau/plans-du-reseau/reseau-tpg-centre-ville.php


  1. If you are travelling directly from the airport to the meeting, take bus 28 to the stop named Appia (for the Prégny gate), or bus 5 to the stop named Nations (it is about a 500 metre walk uphill from the Nations stop to the Prégny gate).


  1. Taxis are readily available from the airport.  They are metered, so costs will vary, but the journey from the airport into the city centre will usually cost around CHF 30.


  1. When checking in at your hotel you should receive a free Geneva Transport Card, entitling you to use the entire Geneva public transport system free of charge throughout your stay.  For more information see http://www.geneve-tourisme.ch/?rubrique=0000000417&lang=_eng.


Getting to and from to the Palais des Nations


  1. Geneva is a small and walkable city.  It takes about 25 minutes to walk from Cornavin train station to the Place des Nations.  It will take another 5-10 minutes to walk from the Nations entrance, through the building to the meeting room.


  1. The Place des Nations (Nations stop) and Prégny gate (Appia stop) entrances of the Palais des Nations are served by a number of tram and bus lines.  Buses 8, 28, F, V and Z stop at both Nations and Appia. Buses 5, 11, 22 and tram 15 stop at Nations.


  1. Taxis are generally easy to find.  A taxi stand is located on Avenue de la Paix, 50 metres uphill from the Nations gate.  Taxis are usually available around the clock.  The following direct telephone number will ensure arrival within minutes: 022 331 41 33.  Taxis may not enter the UN compound –passengers  will have to disembark at the Prégny or Nations gate.




  1. Participants are requested to make their own travel arrangements and hotel reservations, and are reminded that they are responsible for covering all related costs. You may wish to refer to the Geneva Tourism website for a list of hotels: http://www.geneva-tourism.ch/ It is imperative that hotel reservations are made as early as possible since Geneva is a busy conference venue and hotels can become fully booked.


  1. There will be a subscription dinner for HLG BAS Workshop participants on Wednesday 7 November. Please see the subscription dinner flyer for more details.




  1. For additional information about the Palais des Nations, the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Geneva public transport system, accommodation or tourism in Geneva, please see http://www.unece.org/meetings/practical.html


  1. Please contact the UNECE secretariat if you have any questions.


Ms Thérèse Lalor

Statistical division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Palais des Nations

1211 Geneva 10


Telephone:  +41 22 917 2841

Fax:  +41 22 917 0040


Appendix A

Location of the Palais des Nations, airport and main train station in Geneva:


UNOG how to find























Appendix B


Where to obtain your security badge: Security Identification unit, Prégny Gate, 14 Avenue de la Paix.




Member state delegates with a valid security badge may enter through Nations gate or Prégny gate. 

Note: a valid photo ID is needed in order to obtain a security badge to gain entry to the United Nations premises.  After collecting your badge at security, enter the Palais through Door A15