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SDMX/DDI Dialogue Core Group



Friday 22 June 2012, telephone conference

Present: Franck Cotton, Dan Gillman, Arofan Gregory, Al Hamilton, Thérèse Lalor, Juan Muñoz, Achim Wackerow, Adam Wronski, Steve Vale.



1.Actions arising from the teleconference on 2 May


Steve gave a brief update on progress on GSIM since the last teleconference. Adam referred to a document by Chris Nelson on the relationship between SDMX and GSIM, prepared for the SDMX Technical Working Group, and will send a copy for circulation within the Core Group.



2.Progress reports from Task Teams


a)       Task Team 1: Vocabularies


Dan mentioned work by the Open Government Vocabularies Working Group in the US, on ways to handle code lists and classifications. The DDI Alliance and SDMX Statistical Working Group are interested in pursuing this. Arofan added that work with the Banca d’Italia on a register data use case was generating a useful set of terminology, which could be incorporated in SDMX and DDI vocabularies. Juan referred to work in the SDMX Technical Working Group on reviewing DDI vocabularies.


b)      Task Team 2: Business Case


Al reported that current priorities are to update the business case documentation taking into account developments with GSIM, and to further develop use cases regarding the interactions between and the needs for both standards. Adam added that the work with the Banca d’Italia included developing use cases in the area of micro-data collection. Vincenzo del Vecchio has joined this group.


c)       Task Team 3: Access to Microdata


Thérèse reported that the Task Team has three current priorities:

1)      Reviewing the existing micro-data use case;

2)      Developing active contacts with the relevant people in the Data without Boundaries (DwB) project, and the Eurostat and OECD micro-data groups;

3)      Considering the content of potential communications documents.

Arofan and Franck referred to the model being developed within Work Package 8 of DwB, and will see if anything can be circulated.

3.Other Initiatives and Events




  • The meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS) in Washington DC on 21-23 May, included discussions of standards-based architectures and collaboration, as well as a very active panel session open data.
  • The IASSIST annual conference was held in Washington DC on 4-8 June. It is becoming a major conference for DDI users. SDMX was also mentioned. ( Google search “ddi” shows DDI-related pages on this web site
  • The International Conference on Establishment Surveys was held in Montreal on 11-14 June. Two metadata sessions included references to the use of DDI and SDMX. (




  • RC33 Eighth International Conference on Social Science Methodology, July 9-13, 2012, Sydney, Australia ( Session on “The Role of Structured Metadata in Cross-national Surveys” with 5 DDI-related presentations: (
  • An SDMX Expert Group meeting is planned for 13/14 September in Paris.
  • A GSIM Integration workshop will be held in the Netherlands in the week of 17-21 September, to bring together the results of the Task Teams, and start preparing the draft GSIM v1.0.
  • Workshop on “Semantic Statistics for Social, Behavioural, and Economic Sciences: Leveraging the DDI Model for the Linked Data Web”, October 15-19, 2012, Dagstuhl/Wadern, Germany, Open workshop for everybody, Contact: Joachim Wackerow (
  • Workshop on “DDI Lifecycle: Moving Forward”, October 22-26, 2012, Dagstuhl/Wadern, Germany, only by invitation, (
  • UNECE is organising a Seminar on New Frontiers for Statistical Data Collection, in Geneva on 31 October to 2 November.
  • UNECE is also organising a Workshop on Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics on 7-8 November in Geneva. This will bring together representatives of expert groups and members of the High-Level Group for Strategic Developments in Business Architecture in Statistics. Arofan will represent the SDMX/DDI Dialogue. A second place is available if anyone is interested.  Adam, Franck and Achim will represent other groups. Steve will make sure DwB are invited.


  • European DDI User Conference, December 3-4, 2012, Bergen, Norway, (no web page available yet)
  • North-American DDI User Conference, April 2-3, 2013, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, (no web page available yet)
  • The next METIS Work Session is provisionally scheduled for the week of 6-10 May 2013, in either Washington or Geneva



4.Other Business


DDI 3.2 has been released for review. It has been aligned with emerging GSIM ideas as far as possible.



5.Next Meeting


A meeting will be held on the margins of the GSIM Integration Workshop (17-21 September). Steve will investigate options for remote participation. This meeting will include discussion on the time lines for the Task Teams.