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SDMX/DDI Dialogue Core Group



Wednesday 2 May 2012, telephone conference

Present: Franck Cotton, Dan Gillman, Arofan Gregory, Al Hamilton, Juan Muñoz, Adam Wronski, Steve Vale.



1.Actions arising from the teleconference on 14 February


The SDMX sponsors have provided a written endorsement of the Dialogue process, which has been added to the Dialogue pages on the METIS Wiki -


2.Progress reports from Task Teams


a)       Task Team 1: Vocabularies


Arofan reported that work has continued on identifying sources terms and definitions for a common vocabulary. Discussions have also focussed on determining the scope of the vocabulary, and the link to the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) objects and their definitions. The next draft of the vocabulary document should be available in approximately one month.


b)      Task Team 2: Business Case


Al reported that a teleconference was held in April, with a second one planned for May. The Task Team has identified that some more work on use cases is needed to support the overall business case. The Task Team is collaborating with the SDMX Technical Working Group to ensure that their outputs are complementary.


c)       Task Team 3: Access to Microdata


Al (on behalf of Thérèse) reported that the Task Team had held an initial teleconference to discuss the scope and nature of their work, and are developing a work programme. Arofan mentioned work being done within the Data without Boundaries project (Work Package 8) on a “Union Model” combining SDMX and DDI. Arofan and Franck will contact Mike Priddy to see if it is possible to share ideas with this Task Team.


3.GSIM Sprints – Outcomes and implications for the Dialogue


Two “sprint” sessions have been held to accelerate the development of the GSIM, one in Slovenia in the second half of February and one in Korea in the second half of April. The GSIM comprises several layers, of which the highest have been elaborated during the sprints. Documentation should be circulated shortly. The more detailed “Specification Layer” needs further elaboration, which will take place over the next few months. This will provide a deeper level of detail, without being implementation-specific. The sprint process has taken into account DDI and SDMX information models, and will continue to ensure alignment between them and the GSIM, identifying in more detail where there are gaps and overlaps.


4.Other Initiatives and Events


  • UNECE is organising a meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS) in Washington DC on 21-23 May, which will include topics on information architecture, innovation, standardisation, collaboration and open data.
  • The SDMX Technical Working Group is holding a face to face meeting in Rome during the first week of June, which will include discussions on the relationship between DDI and SDMX.
  • The IASSIST annual conference will take place in Washington DC on 4-8 June. DDI will be discussed, and the meeting gives statistical organisations a chance to interact with the wider “information industry” (
  • The International Conference on Establishment Surveys will take place in Montreal on 11-14 June. Dan is organising a session on metadata, and Al will present a paper. (
  • An SDMX Expert Group meeting is planned for 13/14 September in Paris.
  • The DDI Alliance is organising a workshop at Dagstuhl, Germany on 22-26 October, which will focus on the next generation of DDI. This will also include alignment with SDMX and GSIM.


5.Next Meeting


A teleconference will be scheduled for Friday 22 June at 14.00 CET.