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SDMX/DDI Dialogue Core Group



Tuesday 14 February 2012, telephone conference

Present: Franck Cotton, Dan Gillman, Al Hamilton, Thérèse Lalor, Juan Muñoz, Achim Wackerow, Adam Wronski, Steve Vale.



1.Organisation of the Dialogue


As agreed at the 5th session of the dialogue (Geneva, 5 October), the dialogue process will be managed by a core group. Specific actions will be delegated to Task Teams, and the wider dialogue group will be kept informed of progress. This was the first meeting of the core group.


2.Task Team 1: Vocabularies


The members of this Task Team are Dan Gillman, Mary Vardigan, Marco Pellegrino, Arofan Gregory, Chris Nelson, Wendy Thomas and Tim Dunstan. The Task Team has not formally met, but there are several initiatives in this area, and some coordination could be useful:

  • Dan reported on work in various groups in the United States, including on vocabularies for linked open data initiatives;
  • Eurostat is working with Arofan Gregory and Chris Nelson on mapping vocabularies between standards;
  • Achim reported on work on controlled vocabularies within the DDI Alliance (


Steve will ask Arofan and Mary to convene a meeting to elect a leader and discuss how to coordinate the different initiatives.


3.Task Team 2: Business Case


The members of this Task Team are: Dan Gillman, Al Hamilton, Guillaume Duffes and Marco Pellegrino. Marco has provided Al with inputs for the next draft of the business case. Al will convene a meeting of the Task Team in March.


4.Task Team 3: Access to Microdata


The members of this Task Team are Mary Vardigan, Therese Lalor, Jenny Linnerud, Aleksandra Bujnowska and Donna Dosman. There will be a need for coordination with the Data without Boundaries (DwB) project. Mari Kleemola (in her DwB role) has expressed an interest in a business case for DDI / SDMX use for register data (related to a paper from Arofan). Steve will invite her to join this Task Team, so that the team can decide whether this topic falls within its scope. Thérèse will convene a meeting of this Task Team in March.


5.Other Initiatives and Events


  • Al reported on the forthcoming “sprint” session to develop the Generic Statistical Information Model (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 20 February – 2 March). This sprint session aims to get a general agreement on the scope and purpose of the GSIM, resulting in a common high-level view. A second sprint session is proposed in Korea in April to add more detail. Inputs include the work of the Statistical Network, and the CORE ESSNet project. The level of detail necessary to map the GSIM to standards such as DDI and SDMX may be available following the second sprint, but is likely to need further work. There is background information about the spring process on the METIS Wiki (, and Steve intends to add blog postings to inform about progress during the sprint.
  • A LinkedIn group on “Business Architecture in Statistics” has been established (, and can be used to bring discussions about statistical standards to a wider audience.
  • The IASSIST annual conference will take place in Washington DC on 4-8 June. DDI will be discussed, and the meeting gives statistical organisations a chance to interact with the wider “information industry” (
  • The International Conference on Establishment Surveys will take place in Montreal on 11-14 June. Dan is organising a session on metadata, and Al will present a paper. (
  • Eurostat will host a technical workshop on 29 February – 2 March to discuss SDMX, DDI, RDF and related standards. It is mainly intended for an internal audience.
  • UNECE is organising a meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems (MSIS) in Washington DC on 21-23 May, which will include topics on information architecture and standardisation.
  • UNECE and Rosstat are organising a High-Level Seminar on Streamlining Statistical Production in St Petersburg on 3-5 October. Various standardisation initiatives will be discussed.
  • Franck reported 2 areas of work on DDI ontologies, one on representing classifications and code lists, and the other on a light model of DDI for data discovery purposes.


6.Other Business


Steve will follow up with the new SDMX secretary, Andreas Hake of ECB, regarding the promised endorsement of the dialogue process by the SDMX Sponsors.


7.Next Meeting


A teleconference will be scheduled for Wednesday 2 May at 14.00 CET.