The Division for Gender Affairs and the Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning of ECLAC successfully carried out the e-learning course "Measurement of Violence Against Women (VAW) through statistical surveys" in October to December 2011.

The e-course concentrated on the topic of understanding and measuring violence against women through statistical surveys that allow the calculation of the indicators recommended by the United Nations Statistical Commission with a view to monitor and evaluate the effect of policies, legislations, plans and programmes to eradicate this kind of violence. One of the components of the course was a presentation of the VAW survey module developed by the UNECE Statistical Division.

The course was designed by Henriette Jansen,in collaboration with Diane Almeras, and implemented under the supervision of Ines Reca and Sonia Montaño.

The course was conducted with countries from the regions of Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and West Asia, and with 71 participating students from 37 different countries.

These students were supervised by e-tutors in each region, including Mihaela Darii Sposato, Elaine Henry-McQueen, Lucia Martelotte, and Jimena Goecke. The principal course instructor was Henriette Jansen, who also had trained and guided the e-tutors for this course.

The course was undertaken within the framework of the interregional project "Enhancing capacities to eradicate violence against women through networking of local knowledge communities", and provided technical assistance and training to the producers and users of statistical information at the national and regional levels.

In particular, this course has improved technical knowledge of workers within National Statistical Offices with the intention of ensuring "the systematic collection and analysis of data on violence against women...", as documented in resolution A/RES/61/143 of the General Assembly.

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