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Thank you for your comments. The feedback on GSBPM closed on 27 September. You can follow the progress of the discussions on this page. Comments in addition to those below can be sent by e-mail to

Discussion Forum

Log (to be updated by Thérèse Lalor only)


Object/ Issue
Raised byLast comment
Outcome/current status
Fundamental issue
#1Distinction between 1-3 and 4 - 7 (Design vs Production)Gareth McGuinness18 SeptOPEN TOPICDiscussed 16/9
#7Different types of statistical productionThérèse Lalor---OPEN TOPIC 
#13Purposes and Use of GSBPMLynne Bismire27 SeptOPEN TOPIC 
#19A level below sub processLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
Overarching statistical processes
#2Quality and Metadata ManagementWilhelmus Kloek---OPEN TOPIC 
#15New overarching process: Manage Production ProcessLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#16Solution focus in Phase 1: Specify NeedsLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#11Rename Phase 3: BuildLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#8Boundaries of phases (particularly Phases 5 - 6)Thérèse Lalor---OPEN TOPIC 
#10Change scope of phase 7: DisseminationLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#6Phase 8: ArchiveAlice Born27 SeptOPEN TOPIC 
#4Microdata, to include these

Alice Born

Lynne Bismire

#32Add seasonal adjustment subprocessMats Bergdahl OPEN TOPIC 
#33Where is field management and paradata?Jill Pobjoy OPEN TOPIC 
#30Remove finalise subprocesses (3.6, 4.4, 5.8, 6.5)Mats Bergdahl OPEN TOPIC 
#25Minor change to 1.6 titleGiorgia Simeoni  OPEN TOPIC 
#26Switch order of 2.3 and 2.4Giorgia Simeoni   OPEN TOPIC 
#21Add design of disclosure control into 2.5


Alice Born---OPEN TOPIC 
#18Move instrument building sub process (3.1) to Phase 2Lynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#23Changes to 3.3 and 3.4Nadia Mignolli---OPEN TOPIC 
#28Clarification on 3.5Giorgia Simeoni   OPEN TOPIC 
#17Validating admin data in Collect sub process 4.3?Lynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#29Change to description of 4.3Giorgia Simeoni   OPEN TOPIC 
#27Clarification on 4.4Giorgia Simeoni   OPEN TOPIC 
#205.1 Integrate DataWilhelmus Kloek---OPEN TOPIC 
#145.3 Review, validate and editLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#24Combine 5.5 and 6.1Nadia Mignolli---OPEN TOPIC 
#31Move 5.7 to phase 6Mats Bergdahl OPEN TOPIC 
#37.? Dissemination Services as sub processGareth McGuinness---OPEN TOPIC 
#9Information on ways to use the model (process modelling)Thérèse Lalor---OPEN TOPIC 
#5View of GSBPMThérèse Lalor27 SeptOPEN TOPIC 
#12Minor Document editingLynne Bismire---OPEN TOPIC 
#22Use Cases or profiles of GSBPMAlice Born---OPEN TOPIC 
Not yetAlignment with GSIM terms and mention GSIM where neededThérèse Lalor---  





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