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Please read this background document  to understand the full context for this suggestion:

Specific Suggestion

While studying GSIM, we found some other areas where we do not clearly understand the definitions and descriptions. We list just a few of them here.


We do not understand the true meaning of Channel Activity Specification and Channel Design Specification. As specified, we do not see them as being specializations of Data Channel.

The relationship between Channel and Data Resource is unclear, there seems to be inconsistency in GSIM with respect to what a Data Resource is.

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  1. Chris thinks that these are not specializations but associated objects.


    Here is a revised model showing a direct relationship between the 
    Acquisition Design and Acquisition Activity, and the Data Channel.


    Concerning the link to Data Resource from Data Channel. A Data Channel 
    may gather data from a Data Resource. An example is the collection of 
    regular data from known data providers. The resultant Data Sets have a 
    known structure and will be made available at a particular Data 
    Location. This Data Location may be a URL (to a query service,data set, 
    web page (for screen scraping), file in a directory, etc.).

  3. Discussion 29/10:

    Chris' solution suggests to remove the subclasses of Data Channel - Channel Activity Specification and Channel Design Specification.

    The new relationship are not quite right -Suggest  design specifies use and activity uses

    Remove the black diamond and make it a white diamond.

    Should there be an equivalent for dissemination? There are Dissemination Service, Representation etc which are mirroring. Add a relationship to dissemination design. Is there a relationship between dissemination service and data channel? or is the relationship to data resource enough? Gareth to put up thoughts in one week.


  4. Revised picture from Chris

  5. 16/11: Deadline has passed for input regarding dissemination. No further changes to be made