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The Big Data Task Team decided to further develop its inventory of big data projects, based on the information collected so far. This note sets out the proposed scope and contents of that inventory



Following the 2013 Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems, a Task Team was set up to work out the key issues with using Big Data for official statistics, identify priority actions and formulate a project proposal. As part of its work, the Task Team has gathered a significant amount of information about the use of Big Data in various national and international statistical organisations. The Task Team recognises that this information could form the basis of a useful resource for the official statistics community, and has therefore decided to further develop and publish this resource in the form of an inventory.

Scope of the inventory

It is unrealistic to assume that the inventory could record all possible information relating to the use of Big Data for official statistics; such an inventory would also be very difficult for a single person or organisation to maintain. The inventory is therefore not meant to be exhaustive, but aims to include at least the key resources that will be most valuable for the official statistics community. In some cases, the inventory will hold the actual resource.  Where a resource already exists somewhere on the Internet, it will be more of a portal, holding links, to avoid duplication and reduce problems of version control.

Contents of the inventory

The inventory will contain:

  • Structured and searchable information about actual and planned use of Big Data in statistical organisations. This information will be held in a standard template, searchable by statistical domain (using the Classification of Statistical Activities, an existing international standard), and type of Big Data (using a classification developed by the Task Team). The template approach will also allow the production of reports based on other attributes.
  • Until finalised and made publically accessible, the template can be viewed here: 
  • In-depth case studies of Big Data experiences from more advanced projects
  • Information about Big Data events
  • Links to other Big Data resources (papers, training materials, etc.)

Hosting and maintaining the inventory

The inventory will be hosted on the UNECE wiki platform. The wiki approach makes it easier for the inventory to be maintained by the whole statistical community, thus avoiding the whole burden of maintenance falling on one individual or organisation. This approach will also ensure that the inventory is a relevant and useful resource for all. Read access will be open to the public. Edit access will be restricted to staff of national or international statistical organisations with an interest in this topic. The infrastructure will be maintained by the UNECE, which will also act as a moderator if necessary. The "owner" of the inventory will be the High-Level Group on the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services, on behalf of the international statistical community.

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* Categories from the Classification of Types of Big Data

** Categories from the Classification of Statistical Activities





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