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Statistics Sweden

Delete all sub-processes that have the character ‘Finalize ...’, since they are too unspecific and step-wise; they imply that data are handled in batches.






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  1. ABS comment

    We agree 4.4 and 5.8 could be removed (loading should happen progressively and automatically), and where required, some of the activities placed elsewhere (e.g. archival of physical data collection instruments). 6.5 could remain, but be re-worded to 'Clear outputs' or 'Clear statistical content'. What happens with 3.6 depends on the outcome of the other Build related issues.


  2. I think that now that we have removed Phase 8 Archive it is important to keep these sub-processes in order emphasise the need to preserve the final outputs of these phases both in the short & the long term.

    Depending on the organisational culture & infrastructure these Finalize sub-processes may be quick & easy or time consuming & difficult.