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In 4.3, Istat suggests to delete the text in parenthesis “(usually based on response rates)” because it is not generally true: data collection can be concluded on the basis of the planned period of interviewing, or when a certain amount of sampling units are observed.


Statistics Sweden

  • Sub-process 4.3 encompasses, for instance, the scanning of data. The descriptive text should mention this, different data sources etc.






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  1. In SSB we use:

    "4.3. Run collection. Information about the survey is sent out to the data providers.

    Information about the statutory obligation to provide information is included in the letter to data providers when this applies. Data is requested via interview-based surveys or self-administrated surveys. A supply date is agreed upon for register data. During receipt of data from self-administrated surveys, nonresponses are typically followed up by tracking down new addresses for those questionnaires returned by the post. In surveys subject to the statutory obligation to provide information, filled-out questionnaires of insufficient quality will be returned to the data provider, or the data provider will be contacted by phone or e-mail. Paper questionnaires undergo optical reading and verification prior to automatic check-in in the survey frame. Electronic questionnaires are checked in automatically to the survey frame. Reminders are issued for individual/household surveys, with notice of a possible compulsory fine and the decision of a compulsory fine for those who fail to provide information for business surveys covered by the statutory obligation to provide information."

  2. 12/11: This subprocess still sounds rather survey centric, we should think about rewording...maybe gather data? another term?