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In the ABS future model, system workflows will be assembled and released 'to order', potentially in a 'plug and play' way, from a library of shared interchangeable services, rather than building individual systems for each collection or family of collections.  Using the 'term' called 'Assemble' for this phase instead of 'Build' would help in changing the culture towards assembly from re-usable components.  This change would also help orient the GSBPM towards supporting the CSPA's 'plug and play' initiative, and modernization more generally, while not precluding statistical organizations who don't have an architecture oriented toward reusable components, and therefore need to build more of the components that they will then assemble.


Statistics Sweden

Change the word ‘Build’ into the word ‘Create’ in order to make the move from tailor-made systems towards re-use and plug-and-play clearer.

Enhance the testing in phase 3. The word test should be added to the name of the phase, resulting in ‘Create and Test’. Modify the phase structure so that it is symmetric with respect to Create and Test. Give them a successive ordering. This is shown in detail below. Experiences at Statistics Sweden make us underline the importance of testing.


UNECE 2009

 Suggestion from Statistics Sweden

3      Build

3      Create and Test

3.1   Build data collection instrument

3.1   Create data collection instrument

3.2   Build or enhance process components

3.2   Test data collection instrument

3.3   Configure workflows

3.3   Create or enhance process components

3.4   Test production system

3.4   Test process components

3.5   Test statistical business process

3.5   Configure workflow

3.6   Finalize production system

3.6   Test workflow

  • Include Pilot surveys in ‘Test workflow’.





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  1. GSBPM should support CSPA approaches, but is a neutral language for the description of statistical production processes

  2. I think this whole phase needs some serious thinking. A new name may or may not emerge from such thinking.

  3. 15/10: 

    Terms have to be translated, so the content is more important. Build has certain connotations of you just build and do not consider other options. Maybe another word gets away from that. We should encourage the reuse. Need to move away from tailor made systems.

    Build and enhance gives the feel of CSPA, maybe we can add this to some subprocesses (eg 3.1)? 

    Like checking for data availability before collection, you check for system availability.

    Action: Add something to paragraph 28 - the introduction to build phase - about reuse