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It seems that StatisticalActivity describes the forward-looking aspects of the execution of a process step, whereas ProcessStepExecutionRecord captures the "looking-back" aspects. Why then do we need two separate information objects for this? Isn’t it more efficient and clearer to combine these two objects into one?



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  1. Object



    Explanatory Text


    Process Step Execution Record


    A record of the execution of aProcess Step. The record includes the actual Process Inputs to, and Process Outputsfrom, each Process Step. as well as the evaluation of each Process Control (which, in turn, determines the specific sequence of Process Steps performed during execution).

    Each Process is an instance of executing a repeatable Process Step Design. At the time of Process Step Execution specific instances of input objects (for example, specific Data Sets, specific Variables) will be supplied. 

    Each instance of Process Step may produce unique results even though the Process Step Design remains constant. One reason is that specific instances of inputs are provided for each Process Step. 

    Even when the inputs remain the same, metrics such as the elapsed time to complete execution of process step may vary from execution to execution. For this reason, each Process Step Execution Record details of inputs and outputs for that instance of implementing the Process Step Design. It also records the outcome of Process Control evaluation at the end of the process step. 

    In this way it is possible to trace the flow of execution of a business process through all the process steps which were involved.


    Statistical Activity


    The set of executed processes and the actual resources required as inputs and produced as outputs to investigate the characteristics of a given Populationfor a particular reference period. It may describe process and resources required to acquire (Acquisition Activity), produce (Production Activity), and disseminate (Dissemination Activity) data in aStatistical Program.

    Statistical Activity includes the run-time information used to actually execute a set of processes. Activities occur in the context of eachStatistical Program Cycle and execute a particular Statistical Program Design.


  2. See Annex D Figure 40 p123

    A Statistical Activity has zero or more Process Steps. A Process Step has zero or more Process Step Execution Records.

    This would seem to imply that Statistical Activity is more general than the Process Step Execution Record.

    1. I read this figure differently, as "A Statistical Activity has zero or one Process Step" (the cardinality at the other end of the link). Personally, I believe it should be exactly one. If not, the Activity is in fact executing a Process (i.e. multiple Steps with intermediate Process Controls).

  3. Discussion 18/ 9:

    These are different objects. 

    Statistical Activity contains a higher level of information. We could look at improving the definition

    Process Step Execution Record is detailed information about what happened. These are at a lower level (although you could have one huge record). We could look at improving the definition.

    Also, we could look into the relationships between these objects. This deserves some attention/discussion.

    Jenny will think about this......

  4. Further info from Dick. We need to include this in our consideration as agreed above.

    GSIM Issue: Activity, Process Step, Process

    We need in GSIM the possibility to structure Activities, i.e. to indicate that a certain Activity is broken down into sub-Activities. Currently, GSIM defines Activity as a component of ProgramCycle. GSIM identifies 3 types of Activity: Acquisition, Production, Dissemination.

    A Statistical Activity consists of Process Step(s). But a Process Step cannot be broken down any further?

    In CSPA,

    • a Process Step (a CSPA Service) can be assembled into multiple Processes.
    • A ProcessStep is built and may consist of lower level steps?

    A Business Function is the purpose of a Process Step?

    Only Acquisition Activity has something called Collection Description. Is there an equivalent for Production or Dissemination? If so, why is that not modeled?

    Between Activity, Process Step, Statistical Program Design, Process Step Design, etc. we seem to have an unnecessary overlap. Too many objects? For instance, what is the exact distinction between Activity and Process Step?