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Explanatory Text


Classification Item



A Classification Item represents a Category at a certain Level within a Statistical Classification. It defines the content and the borders of the Category. A Unit can be classified to one and only one item at each Level of a Statistical Classification.





NameDescriptionCardinalityValue Domain
Name 0..1Text





CodeA Classification Item is identified by an alphabetical, numerical or alphanumerical code, which is in line with the code structure of the classification Level. The code is unique within the Statistical Classification to which the item belongs.1..1Textual
Official nameA Classification Item has a name as provided by the owner or maintenance unit. The name describes the content of the category. The name is unique within the Statistical Classification to which the item belongs, except for categories that are identical at more than one level in a hierarchical classification.1..1Textual
Alternative namesA Classification Item can be expressed in terms of one or several alternative names. Each alternative name is associated with a name type.0..nTextual
Explanatory notes 

A Classification Item may be associated with explanatory notes, which further describe and clarify the contents of the Category. Explanatory notes consist of:

General note: Contains either additional information about the Category, or a general description of the Category, which is not structured according to the "includes", "includes also", "excludes" pattern.

Includes: Specifies the contents of the Category.

Includes also: A list of borderline cases, which belong to the described Category.

Excludes: A list of borderline cases, which do not belong to the described Category. Excluded cases may contain a reference to the Classification Items to which the excluded cases belong.

Level number The number of the Level to which the item belongs.1..1Numeric
Generated Indicates whether or not the item has been generated to make the level to which it belongs complete.0..1Binary
Currently valid If updates are allowed in the Statistical Classification, an item may be restricted in its validity, i.e. it may become valid or invalid after the Statistical Classification has been released. Indicates whether or not the item is currently valid.0..1Binary
Valid from

Date from which the item became valid. The date must be defined if the item belongs to a floating Statistical classification.

Valid to

Date at which the item became invalid. The date must be defined if the item belongs to a floating Statistical classification and is no longer valid.

Future eventsThe future events describe a change (or a number of changes) related to an invalid item. These changes may e.g. have turned the now invalid item into one or several successor items. This allows the possibility to follow successors of the item in the future.0..nTextual
Changes from previous version of the Statistical ClassificationDescribes the changes, which the item has been subject to from the previous version to the actual Statistical Classification.0..1Textual
UpdatesDescribes the changes, which the item has been subject to during the life time of the actual Statistical Classification.0..1Textual
Parent item 

The item at the next higher level of the classification Statistical Classification of which the actual item is a sub item.

Sub items Each item, which is not at the lowest level of the Statistical Classification, might contain one or a number of sub items, i.e. items at the next lower level of the Statistical Classification.0..nIdentifier 
Linked itemsItems of other classification versions or variants with which the item is linked, either as source or target, through Correspondence Tables.0..n Identifier
Case laws Refers to identifiers of one or more case law rulings related to the Classification Item.0..nTextual
Case law descriptionsRefers to descriptions of the above case laws0..nTextual
Case law datesRefers to date of  above case laws0..nDate




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