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Metadata strategy

Statistics Sweden has been active in the metadata field for a long time and has developed several metadata systems and templates that contain a lot of metadata. A metadata model for covering the whole production process was created in the late 80's and early 90's (SCBDOK). In 2007 Statistics Sweden introduced a major reorganization program and a new organization following the "Lotta"-project. The new way of working is process oriented production with an overall strategy that focuses on customers, efficiency and standardisation. There is however no separate strategy for the metadata management area. Metadata is handled by several organisational bodies within statistics Sweden. Classifications and documentation is by an area in the process department. Process managers are responsible for metadata related to their processes, the communication department is responsible for metadata related to publication in the statistical databases. The Research and development department is responsible for developing the business architecture and its encompassing metadata. The long term goal is to have common metadata for the whole organisation and that the golden rule of metadata, that it should be collected when it is created is incorporated in the production system in the future.

Metadata development is to be seen as included in the overall strategy for Statistics Sweden's data architecture which can be seen in the picture below. Here metadata has the role of driving and delivering information between different process steps.

The image below shows the architecture vision for a Data warehouse:

As mentioned above there is currently no overall metadata strategy. There is however an unofficial metadata vision, that is in line with the architecture in the picture above:


Current situation


SCBDOK was implemented in 1994.

Description of the statistics including the Quality Declaration.

MetaPlus was implemented in 2007. The Classification database is a subsystem of MetaPlus.

The Process support system first stage was implemented 22 September 2008, the second stage was released in September 2009.

Triton - A new platform for data collection integrated with editing tools. It is a common data collection tool for the whole production process. It integrates metadata and provides possibilities for metadata driven production.

The information model project - creating an information model for use in future process development projects. The first step of this work is going to be tied to the work within Trion as a part in defining system requirements.

The statistical databases contain separate metadata. It uses the PC-axis model.

The Product database.

Ongoing projects:

DUR - Datawarehouse and registerdelopment program, a major redevelopment project

MetaPlus development - A project for impoving Metaplus functionality is planned for relaese during 2013. This includes multilingaul fuctionality and improved export and administration functionality.

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