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2.1 Statistical information model

2.2 Adoption of GSIM

On June 2012 draft national version of GSIM 0.3 was developed. However, because of development stage of 0.4, 0.8 and subsequently 1.0 versions in the international statistical system the adoption of the national version had been postponed. At present the implementation of these actions are continued owing to the necessity of translation of the last 1.1 version, grouping of statistical concepts and determination of its relation to the used standards. 

2.3 Statistical business process model


In 2011 the Department of Industry Statistics started to apply GSBPM as a pilot project. Activity of the Department has been built upon the model, and relying on successful realization of this action in other departments the national version of GSBPM, 1st edition had been approved by decree # 66/07 of the Committee dated 4 September 2012. The model consists of 9 stages – Specify needs, Design, Creation of production system (Build), Data collection, Process, Analyse, Disseminate, Archive and Evaluate.    


National version of GSBPM, 2nd edition has been approved by decree # 30/07 of the State Statistical Committee dated 12 April 2013. This version defines 158 sub-subprocesses of 47 sub-processes by 9 stages.


2.4 Relation to other models