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4.1 Metadata system(s)

In accordance with Plan of Actions approved by decree #17/4 of the Committee Board, dated 12 June 2013, as of 2014 a special storage model for Metadata will be operated.


4.2 Costs and Benefits

4.3 Implementation strategy

The followings are main objectives for the nearest future:

  • Preparation and application of “Smart report” project, creation of e-database;
  • Bringing to conformity of database structure with statistical register;
  • Increasing of data exchange opportunities of local statistical bodies, development of internal data networks;
  • Provision of e-integration of all published summary statistical data to primary databases;
  • Creation of metadata system on all statistical questionnaires and indicators;
  • Provision of integration of metadata system to databases;
  • Creation of automated system of database maintenance process on administrative information submitted by the Committee and received from other public organizations;
  • Application of more advanced standard software packages, information bases, database management system. (For ex.: Business Architecture Program on Quality).