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It is also probable to face with a lot of difficulties on creation, development, improvement of metadata system as well as on its integration to database. These difficulties are studied by the specialists; the reasons are investigated and prevented. Such cases are mainly as follows: 

  • Difference of data’s viewpoint of two several structural divisions using the same indicators and presence of two “holders” of an indicator;
  • Mixing up indicators with product concept;
  • Change of radical practice “tradition”;
  • Backward understanding of benefits importance;
  • Difficulties in applying the theory in the practice;
  • Insufficiency of human resources know-how and experience;
  • Complaints because of considerably much work;
  • Non-exemplary of assessment and achievements because of in complex building of working mechanism (for the present);
  • Non-exemplary of IT.


The following are recognised as challenges in the implementation of the Committee’s SMS:

  • Promote metadata concept and the role of SMS;
  • To prepare standards of managing statistical processes according to the 2nd edition of the national version of  GSBPM;
  • To prepare and apply the national version of GSIM (Generic Statistical Information Model) that will be  the reference framework of information objects, which will enables generic descriptions of data and metadata definition, management, and use throughout the statistical production process. GSIM will complement the GSBPM, SDMX and other standards  
  • To adapt to the structure of SDMX the metadata  structure of indicators in the database;
  • To improve the Descriptive Glossary of Statistical Terminology and added related to statistical production terminology (concepts) that agreed at international level;
  • To assure active participation of the expert of the Committee at international forums, seminars and other meeting associated with Statistical Metadata Standards;
  • To arrange continuously training and development programme on SMS for the staff of the Committee.